Castor Oil Packs: The Ultimate Guide

Learn how to prepare castor oil packs, its benefits, uses, and more in this comprehensive guide.

Possessing so many healing properties and holistic health uses, there’s no doubt how effective castor oil is in treating many health problems. And the best way to utilize it’s relieving benefits is to prepare castor oil packs. In this guide, we’ll cover and talk about everything related to castor oil packs.

Today we’ll cover:

What is a Castor Oil Pack?

what is castor oil pack

People prepare castor oil packs to use it externally. They’re easy to prepare at home and rejuvenates your body with its therapeutic properties. You can make it by dipping a piece of cloth in castor oil and apply it to the desired area.

When kept on the skin, castor oil packs enhance blood circulation and offer therapeutic healing. It is most commonly used in improving liver function, providing relief from pain, and reducing inflammation.

They have been used for a long time in natural remedies and traditional medical procedures, especially for treating epilepsy, scleroderma, and gallstones.

How Do Castor Oil Packs Work?

Castor oil helps in increasing blood circulation, heals the skin, and moisturizes the body. In this way, it treats many ailments by improving blood circulation and reducing inflammation in the applied area.

Also, you can use it to treat:

In the next section, we will learn how to prepare castor oil packs at home.

How To Make a Castor Oil Pack?

It’s easy to prepare castor oil packs. You’ll need the following:


  • Quality castor oil (Hexane-free, organic and cold-pressed)
  • Scissors
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Hot Water Bottle or Heating Pad
  • Medium Size Container
  • Old clothes or sheets to avoid staining your cloth or bedding with castor oil


  1. Take the medium-size container and fill it with castor oil.
  2. Put the cloth flannel in the container and soak it in the castor oil.
  3. Place the pack over the area you want to treat and cover it with plastic wrap.
  4. For heating, you can directly place the hot water bottle over the pack or warm the pack before with a heating pad and apply it.
  5. Leave the castor oil pack to rest there for 30-45 minutes and take rest.

Helpful Reminders

For better therapy, it is advised to heat the pack before placing it on the body. You can do this by heating the cloth first, dipping it in castor oil, and applying it to the affected region.

  • Avoid heating the oil if you’re suffering from recent injuries, active infections, or in case of fresh wounds.
  • Make sure the flannel is hygienic and free from common bacteria found in the environment.
  • Don’t overdip the cloth/flannel in the castor oil; it should be saturated moderately.
  • Clean the affected area with sanitizer or soap before applying the pack on the region.

Cautions You Should Consider:

  • Never use castor oil packs when you’re breastfeeding or pregnant.
  • Only use a hot water bottle or heating pad to heat the packs, the reason being microwaving oil and cloth together can cause a fire.
  • Don’t apply castor oil packs to fresh wounds and cuts.

Where to Apply The Castor Oil Packs?

where to apply the castor oil pack

This depends on the area where you find irritation, pain, and discomfort. You can place the pack on the following parts of the body.


For general therapy, it is advised to place castor oil on the liver. It is situated on the right side of your body, slightly at the bottom of your ribcage. This remedy helps in removing toxins, reduces inflammation, and improving digestion. Check out this video to know how to use packs properly for the liver.

Knee and Joint

Place the castor oil pack on knees or joints where you feel soreness. Let it rest for 2-4 hours. It provides relief from pain by improving blood circulation and reducing inflammation with its anti-inflammatory properties. Watch this video to learn how to heal the pain caused by knee and joints.

Back and Abdomen

Give your body the care it needs by applying castor oil packs on the back and abdomen. It’s a healing therapy that relaxes your body. Watch this video for helpful directions.


Applying pack regularly on the skin, can nourish it with essential nutrients and make it smooth and soft. It is also an excellent conditioner that moisturizes your skin well.


Place castor oil packs on your forehead to soothe sinus and mild headaches. It relaxes your mind and induces a pleasant sleep.


If you have dry hair, then treating them castor packs can moisturize them, giving a smooth, silky, and lustrous. It’s a useful and common hair therapy.


Due to its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant action, castor oil packs has an aesthetic and therapeutic effect over the feet.

Rich in Omega-9 and ricinolein acid, castor oil works by profoundly hydrating the feet’s skin and moisturizes it. You can also use packs for feet in case of pain, swelling, redness, and itching along with fungal infections.

For even better results, combine jojoba oil and almond oil in the castor oil packs. Other essential oils you can try with it include lavender, lemon, and rose.

Once done, wipe off the excess oil on the feet and repeat this therapy for 1-2 months and provide your feet the nourishment they need. Watch this video to know how to use it on feet.

Are Castor Oil Packs Safe?

Castor oil packs are safe to use and offer plenty of health benefits. However, you should use it externally only. Internal use of castor oil is not at all recommended as it’s a powerful laxative. It can harm and hinder the digestive processes in our body.

What To Expect After Castor Oil Packs?

Using castor oil packs is a relaxing and fulfilling experience. Apply it 1 hour daily for effective results. It helps your body to enter in parasympathetic state and enhances it’s the capability to:

  • Digest better
  • Absorb nutrients
  • Have a relaxing sleep
  • Reduce Stress

How Often To Use Castor Oil Pack?

For effective results, it is recommended to use castor oil regularly for 1-2 months. However, the outcome varies from person to person, so apply castor oil packs first and check for yourself.

If possible, try to use packs in the night so you’ll be able to rest and relax. Just lay on the bed and apply it on the affected area.

You can also read a book or watch a web series episode in the meantime. To avoid staining your bedsheet with excess castor oil droplets, it’s important to lay a protective sheet on the bed. To make the massage experience better.

If you’re applying it on the stomach, then it is recommended to add a pillow under your bed and one below your knees. This will make you relaxed while doing this general therapeutic natural remedy.

Castor Oil Packs Benefits

For years, castor oil has been a part of ancient healing treatments and remedies, especially in Egyptian culture. It’s used internally and externally to treat a variety of ailments.

However, it’s recommended to use it externally as there is a lack of scientific research backing the internal use benefits of castor oil. Here are some proven benefits of applying castor oil packs.

Castor Oil Packs: Benefits for Skin

Castor oil contains ricinoleic acid; which has analgesic properties. This makes castor oil a natural moisturizer for skin and keeps it smooth and healthy.

Applying castor oil packs regularly on your skin can help in:

Reducing acne

The anti-inflammatory and bacterial properties of castor oil help in fighting with acne and making your skin smooth and soft.

Moisturizing your skin

Castor oil is an excellent moisturizer. It’s inexpensive, easily available, and natural. To enhance its capability, you can combine olive oil in the castor oil packs as well.

Treating bug bites and sunburn marks

The anti-inflammatory properties of castor oil help in soothing the pain caused by bug bites and rashes. It also comforts the irritation and provides a sense of relief.

Castor Oil Packs: Benefits for Hair

Give your hair proper care by applying castor oil packs on the sidelines and edges. It’s an excellent conditioner and moisturizer due to its therapeutic content. Including castor oil packs in your hair routine offers numerous advantages listed below:

Prevents Hair Loss

As castor oil harnesses antibacterial and antifungal properties, it is highly effective in removing dandruff and common scalp infections. Thereby helping in preventing hair loss.

Moisturizes Hair

If you have dry hair with frequent hair loss, then using castor oil packs on them is a great idea. As said before, it’s an excellent conditioner and will moisturize your hair to turn them soft, smooth, and silky.

Regrow Your Edges

In case you’re suffering losing hair on the edges, the antifungal and antibacterial properties of castor oil can regrow them.

All you need to do is place castor oil packs on the edges and massage it gently. This helps in fighting against infections, improve blood circulation, and promote hair regrowth.

Before practicing this hair remedy, just go through the helpful reminders given below.

  1. Combine coconut oil or almond oil in the castor oil packs. They can improve the effectiveness of hair treatment.
  2. Always use hexane-free, organic, and cold-pressed castor oil from a trusted brand.
  3. Make sure the excess applied oil doesn’t sip into your eyes, nose, or lips. It’s a powerful laxative and shouldn’t be ingested.
  4. Here you can also replace regular castor oil with Jamaican oil, commonly known as black castor oil. It’s quite effective as compared to its common variant.
  5. Certain skin types are allergic to castor oil. If you’re one of them, then you should avoid this natural hair remedy.

Castor Oil Packs: Health Benefits

Apart from hair and skin, there are many health benefits of including castor oil packs in your health routine. They’re therapeutic, improves blood circulation, and nurtures the body.

Here are some amazing benefits this wonderful natural remedy offers:

Improves Blood Circulation

Placing a castor oil improves blood circulation in the area applied. It improves by drawing blood circulation and removes clogged infections and bacterias.

According to this research, ricinoleic acid present in the castor oil can prevent the growth of viruses, yeasts, and bacterias, which further improve the outer blood circulation.

Heals Wound and Common Injuries

Castor oil packs are quite effective in treating close wounds. It works by fighting infections, making the wound area moist, and healing it by fostering tissue growth.

As castor oil is thick, you can add essential oils to it. This will make it more healing and effective; even researchers confirm this.

Note: This therapy is recommended for close wounds only and should not be applied on fresh or recent wounds.

Before applying, always check the source of the castor oil and make sure it is cold-pressed, organic, and hexane-free. As the oil made by adultering synthetic chemicals can undo, it’s healing natural capacities.

So always buy castor oil from a trusted and reliable source. Else, it will do harm than good for your health.

Soothes Joint Pain

Massaging your joints with castor oil packs is an effective way to reduce pain and have a sense of relief. It helps in reducing the inflammation and swelling caused by joint pain.

Do this natural therapy regularly for 1-2 weeks until the pain goes away. It is naturally healing and cures with its anti-inflammatory properties. For more effective results you can combine our wonderful oil with any of the following in the packs:

  • Honey
  • Orange Juice
  • Ginger Tree
  • Olive Oil
  • Lemon Tree Oil

They’re natural healers and enhances the capability of the wonderful natural oil. However, in case, your symptoms don’t get any better, it’s advised to consult your doctor and follow medical procedures.

Induces a sound and relaxing sleep

One of the most prominent health benefits of massaging your body with castor oil is it improves sleep quality and allows your body to relax and rejuvenate.

Along with good sleep, this therapy also assists in:

  • Reducing stress
  • Fosters well being
  • Improves sleep quality

Just include the castor oil pack therapy regularly in your routine, and you’re good to go.

Where to Buy Castor Oil for Packs?

It’s easy to buy castor oil for preparing the packs. They’re readily available in:

  • Nearby grocery and departmental stores including Walmart
  • Amazon, from where you can get great discounts easily
  • Organic medical stores in your city

However, it is important to buy the right castor oil as there are plenty of varieties available in the market. Also, many brands fill castor oil with synthetic chemicals to add color and fragrance.

Here are some tips to find the right product for you:

Tip 1: Buy Online

Always prefer to buy castor oil online, so you’ll be able to see ratings, customer reviews, certifications, and get a reasonable price.

Tip 2: Prefer Organic and hexane-free product only

Always prefer organic castor oil for preparing the healing packs. The reason being the organic version of the oil is effective and shows better results.

Tip 3: Always Check the Product Reviews

Just go through the product reviews and ratings. Do a double-check if they’re authentic and not computer-generated.

Tip 4: Look for Certifications

When purchasing the castor oil, always check if it is cold-pressed and has USDA certified organic label.

Tip 5: See the Origin

Make sure to know the origin of castor oil; it should be from Jamaica, India, or any other country with a warm temperature. Generally, origins from UK and USA mean the castor oil is not authentic and synthetically prepared.

Tip 6: To Know the Real Value, See Price Per Ounce

By evaluating the value of castor oil as a price per ounce, you’ll be able to get a reasonable price and save money.

Tip 7: Purchase from a reliable, trusted and authorized source

Since you’ll be using castor oil on your body, your first priority should be buying castor oil from a trusted and certified source. It can be an authorized medical store or a reliable website.

Side Effects of Castor Oil Packs

There’re few side-effects of external application of castor oil, mainly rashes, and irritation. This happens when castor oil is applied to certain allergic types of skin.

To check whether your skin is allergic to castor oil or not, we recommend you to try a patch test.

Patch Test

  1. To determine whether your skin’s allergy towards castor oil, just pour a few drops of it on the skin.
  2. Leave it for 12-24 hours.
  3. Check if there’re any rashes or red marks. If they occur, you should avoid this natural therapy.
  4. If there are no rashes, you can continue with castor oil packs and make the most of its health benefits.

Precautions To Consider

precautions to consider

For safety purposes, it is advised to take the following precautions before using castor oil packs.

  • Always check if your body is not allergic to castor oil, you can do this by patch test described above.
  • Use organic, cold-pressed, USDA certified, and hexane-free castor oil to prepare the packs.
  • Stick to a hot water bottle or heating pad to warm the castor oil packs and apply it on the affected area. Never use a microwave for it.
  • While applying the packs, make sure the oil doesn’t seep in your eyes, ears, or lips. As we know, it’s a powerful laxative and not suitable for internal use.
  • Lay a plastic paper beneath you during this remedy so your bed or chair won’t be affected by castor oil stains.
  • Use the packs gently on the affected area and let it rest there for 30-40 minutes.
  • Avoid this remedy if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, as it can be bad for your baby. No researches are available on the good and harm of castor oil on babies, so it is best to stick away from it during the time mentioned above.
  • To remove the excess castor oil left on the skin, sprinkle talcum powder or baking soda on the area and wash it with soap.
  • In case you have a disease or suffering from any medical condition, always consult with your doctor before using the castor oil.
  • It is a natural therapy and not a medical prescription. So use it wisely and discontinue if you see side-effects.

Final Thoughts

Preparing castor oil packs is an easy and cost-effective way to have a holistic approach to health. It relieves stress, cures different kinds of physical ailments, and offers a relaxing experience with the therapeutic properties of castor oil.

To relish the maximum benefits, follow the instructed directions, and take care of the listed precautions. However, if you’re diabetic, pregnant, or in a similar medical condition, we recommend you consult your doctor before using this castor oil pack remedy.

Thanks for reading!

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