Is Castor Oil Good for your Skin?

Is castor oil good for your skin? Read on to know about the aesthetically pleasing benefits of this therapeutic natural remedy.

Castor oil is naturally rich in nutrients and efficient in taking care of your skin. Its nutrients nourish your skin and maintain its health. We are too often pushed into buying “high tech” cosmetic products to take care of ourselves. These products are expensive, they have complicated composition and most of the time harm our skin in the long term.

Those products might be efficient but I truly believe that it is a shame to forget about natural remedies where you know exactly how it works and where it comes from and that guarantees beautiful, soft and radiant skin. Try castor oil for your skin and adopt the best natural and efficient remedy!

How does castor oil work on skin?

Castor oil contains fatty acids, A LOT!!!

The main one is ricinoleic acid. It acts directly on mushrooms and bacterias. Those antifungal and antibacterial properties help fight against mild acne and diverse skin problems.

This ricinoleic acid is an omega 9. It means when you apply it on your skin, it reinforces the shield of your skin (the hydrolipidic film) and contributes to its elasticity, its flexibility, and its hydration.

This acid is so rich that it will not only nourish your skin but also protect it from environmental stress and provide a great sense of relief for dry skin. The acid will also contribute to repairing damaged skin and can heal scars faster. Applying oil topically will accelerate the healing process.

Castor oil is therefore particularly suitable for dry and mature skin where the protective film of the skin is weakened due to the decreased activity of the sebaceous glands. Ricinoleic acid perfects powerful action on brown spots. Its penetration and quick absorption make it the perfect remedy that helps reduce dark spots on your body and lighten the skin.

How to use castor oil for skin?

Castor oil is a thick oil. My recommendation is either to use it pure or to mix it with another vegetal oil. Mixing it is a good idea to improve the texture if you feel like it’s too thick to be applied on its own.

In general, I use castor oil mixed with argan oil for my skin (1/3 castor oil, 2/3 argan oil) but I do not mind at all using it on its own. It’s a personal decision, just try and see 🙂 You can also use castor oil to cleanse your face, see here for a detailed explanation.

Depending on the desired outcome, the results are relatively quick. From a few days to a few weeks.

Some other basic advice on how to take care of your skin

Whatever product you use to take care of your skin, do not forget to follow these essential rules to have nourishing effects of castor oil for skin.

  • Clean your skin every day (remove any makeup before going to bed!)
  • Eat well (a well-balanced diet will greatly contribute to healthy and beautiful skin)
  • Sleep well (7-8 hours of sleep is a must!)
  • Use natural products and try to avoid (as much as possible) the use of artificial products
  • Try not to clean too often (washing too often irritates your skin by stripping it of the essential oils naturally produced by your skin – the same principle for our hair, let them get oily/dirty every once in a while!)

Final thoughts

If you are looking for a natural and efficient way to take care of your skin, I highly recommend you to test castor oil. Here are some castor oil uses:

  • Hydrate your skin on a daily basis
  • Fight against acne
  • Treat dry skin
  • Natural oil cleansing (for your face)
  • Massage (hydrates and rejuvenates your skin by micro blood circulation)

After several months using castor oil, the results are simply spectacular. My personal favorite is the oil cleansing method as it made a huge difference on my face. I also love using castor oil for a good massage: not only does it feel amazing but my skin stays hydrated many days after!

What have you tried? Please leave me a comment if you want to share your experience. Or if you have questions or any suggestions concerning castor oil for skin!

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