Does Castor Oil Help Eyebrows Grow?

Does castor oil help eyebrows grow? Read on to discover the benefits and nourish your eyebrows with the magical castor oil.

Looking to give an *ooh-la-la* effect to your eyebrows?  Join the club! And yes, by the way, you’re in the right place as we will discuss everything about castor oil and eyebrows and answer does castor oil help eyebrows grow? Let’s find out in this article where will be covering the following topics:

  • Getting a natural shape for you and your eyebrows 
  • How to take care of and grow your eyebrows with castor oil
  • How to fix holes and minor tweezing errors (it happens!)

A Little Word on Eyebrows

Eyebrows are, at least for me, one of the first things I notice (other than their dashing eyes) on a person when we first meet.

Eyebrows are kind of weird if you think about it, but without them, humans would look pretty weirder. A little error while tweezing, waxing, plucking, or what have you, can actually do some collateral damage to the overall harmony of your face.

Well-groomed eyebrows should balance your facial features and will even enhance your natural beauty.  Anything less than that could end up with eyebrows that are too little or too big for our face.

Castor Oil for Eyebrows (How to Grow Eyebrows with Castor Oil) | Castor Oil Guide

Some people flaunt that unibrow and kudos go to them because I know my face isn’t suitable for it. Others need to draw on their eyebrows which takes a lot of practice and talent.  Eyebrows are diverse, just like their humans are.

But all eyebrows have ONE THING in common: they all can benefit from castor oil!

So what’s my advice for grooming your eyebrows to keep them well-kept and lookin’ good? With a little help from castor oil, your brows will look better and beautiful in no time! Keep reading for my tips to know everything about using castor oil to grow eyebrows!

The Best (Natural) Eyebrow Shape for Your Face

There is an easy technique for naturally shaping your eyebrows that I learned long ago when I (briefly) attended modeling school (I was a train wreck at the time, so many lol’s!) Anyways, here’s the trick you should follow to keep your eyebrows looking beautiful while enhancing their best natural shape for your face.

1. Beginning of eyebrow: Place a pencil laterally against the side of your nose. Does the pencil mark the beginning of your eyebrow?

2. Middle of eyebrow: The middle of your eyebrow should more or less mark your eyebrow’s natural curve.  Tilt the pencil towards the middle of your iris in your eye.  The pencil should pass through the middle of your eye and onward, the area of the eyebrow that intersects with the pencil should mark the curve of your eyebrow. 

castor oil for eyebrows

3. End of eyebrow: Continue to tilt the pencil towards the corner of your eye (still staying in contact with the corner of the nose), wherever the pencil hits your eyebrow first (past the outer corner of your eye) should mark the natural end of your eyebrow.

These 3 simple steps are super important in keeping an eyebrow well-groomed and well-shaped! The two first steps (parts of the eyebrow) should slightly ascend, with the end of the eyebrow slightly descending.

For the ascending zone: Keep your eyebrow thickness here, don’t try to thin it out. Only tweeze/pluck the stray eyebrow hairs that fall below or too high above your eyebrow (and of course, those darn hairs that want to connect with your other eyebrow!) 

For the descending zone: This is the part of your eyebrow that should become thinner on its own until it ends.  If yours needs grooming, I recommend to start slow and groom little by little. Redo the pencil steps again if needed. 

How to Take Care of Your Brows with Castor Oil

As you may already know, castor oil has super awesome benefits for both your beauty and health.  On the beauty side of it, castor oil is particularly held on a pedestal for it’s replenishing, rejuvenating and nourishing qualities that it provides for your hair, eyelashes, brows, skin, and nails.

So what exactly can castor oil do for your eyebrows? Let me tell you!

Grow, lengthen, and beautify your brows!

Thanks to the vitamin E and omega acids that are prominent in castor oil, hair growth is a number one outcome from applying castor oil to hair {head hair, lashes, brows}.  Castor oil can help grow your lashes.

Castor Oil for Eyebrows (How to Grow Eyebrows with Castor Oil) | Castor Oil Guide

Since eyebrows can kind of be all over the place and not always unanimous in what they want to do, castor oil can lengthen, thicken, and make our eyebrows look and feel bolder and naturally beautiful, without having to pencil them in with makeup.

Not only will the look of your eyebrows be more smooth and full of life, but they will also feel like it, too! You can soften and tame crazy eyebrow hairs by applying castor oil.

How to Apply Castor Oil to Eyebrows?

Applying castor oil to your eyebrows is actually so easy. Really! Since castor oil has a viscous texture (like thick honey!), you do not need to mix castor oil with any other product/solution. The texture is thick and sticky, so no need to worry about it running down into your eyes.

So, how to use castor oil for eyebrows growth?

Well, you can apply castor oil to your eyebrows with 3 different yet simple ways:

1.) Take a Q-tip and dip it in castor oil, gently stroke the castor oil through your eyebrow from start to end

2.) Apply castor oil to your eyebrow with your finger

  • I would recommend this method, as you can massage in the oil which will penetrate and provide a deeper level of nourishment to your hair bulbs

3.) Take an old (washed) mascara brush and gently brush through your eyebrows which will help in equally spreading the castor oil through your eyebrow hairs.

My recommendation on Amazon. Lovely castor oil starter option!

How to Fix Eyebrow Holes & Shape with Makeup

Continued application of castor oil on your eyebrows will ultimately lead to longer, thicker, and fuller eyebrows. But in the meantime, here are a few tips to shape your eyebrows with the power of makeup and technique.

For fuller brows: Take a small eye brush and comb through your eyebrows. Next, take a same-shade brow pencil or eye shadow (not too dark or too light), and use quick, gentle strokes starting not at the very beginning of the brow but slightly after (for a more natural effect).

Use this same method to fill in eyebrow holes or to cover up scars or other irregularities in your eyebrows.

Check out some of this easy and simple tutorial below from Tina Yong for extra tips on how to properly shape an eyebrow with makeup!

Final Thoughts: Does castor oil help eyebrows grow?

Do you have any other secrets of your own for taking care of your eyebrows, maintaining them or filling up those inconvenient little holes? Don’t hesitate to share your experiences in the comment section below! If you have enjoyed this article, then share the love! Thanks to all and see you soon on Castor Oil guide.)

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  1. I’m trying a small mixture of black Jamaican caster oil, few drops of tea tree oil, avocado oil and coconut oil since they were all recommended for nail health. Will see how it works.


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