Is Castor Oil Good for Your Face?

Is castor oil good for your face? Read on to discover the incredible benefits of castor oil and how it can thoroughly cleanse and purify your pores.

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Are you thinking about what I (used) to think? Like is castor oil good for your face?  And how it can possibly help cleanse and purify your skin to make it healthy and radiant?

Our skin naturally produces and secretes oil (sebum) from sebaceous glands which in turn lubricates our hair follicles and skin. When oil production is balanced, our skin is radiant and full of life and glow.

However, with constant application of chemical solutions that can be found in many commercial shampoos, lotions, moisturizers, etc., our skin can quickly become stripped of its natural oils, resulting in skin dryness.

Conversely, our glands can produce too much sebum, leading to over-oily skin/hair and eventually clogged pores and acne.  Luckily for us, castor oil can help our skin find its natural balance, keeping our skin and face looking healthy and radiant, naturally.

Using castor oil helps maintain a healthy, happy face 🙂

Oil dissolves oil, right? Not only is this one of the most fundamental principles in chemistry, this time around, using oil to fight oily or dry skin is the best method to purifying your skin.

The best way to dissolve a non-polar solvent like sebum/oil is to use + mix another similar non-polar solvent like other oils.  By using good oils (vegetal/essential oils etc..), you can thoroughly cleanse your facial pores from dirt and bacteria.  castor oil for your face

The best part of using castor oil is that it naturally cleanses and purifies your skin, leaving it soft, supple, healthy, and nourished. No need for those facial cleansers that have paragraphs of unpronounceable chemicals! Life can be complicated, but the health and beauty of your skin shouldn’t have to be.  Castor oil is the solution for you!

What’s more, is that castor oil not only purifies your skin, but it also acts to regulate the natural production of sebum/oil, which provides you the natural solution for treating your type of skin; whether it’s oily, dry, sensitive or acne-prone.

I also take this time to note that skin problems can be caused by several factors (nutritional intake, emotions, hormones, harsh environments..etc).  Castor oil can help dry or oily skin, but you will maximize your skin’s health and radiance if you couple your use of castor oil with a healthy and balanced daily routine.  So eat healthy, delicious meals, sleep fully and soundly, and do your best to think & act positively, every day.  Ready, set, HEALTHY!

What to do: Preparing castor oil for face

Since we all have different skin types, follow this simple and easy chart below to determine the ideal mix of castor oil for your face and skin.

Skin type                                          Olive oil                                       Castor oil
Dry skin                                                  3 tsp                                                  1 tsp
Mixed dry/oily                                          2 tsp                                                  2 tsp
Oily skin                                                  1 tsp                                                  3 tsp

My application method

How to use castor oil for face?

Here is how you can prepare your castor oil face cleanser:

Apply it on

First, let’s wash our hands thoroughly.  Pour the oil mixture into the palm of your hand then rub your hands together well.  Next, gently rub the oil mixture on your skin using circular motions. Rub in oil for 2-3 minutes in order to allow the oil to penetrate and nourish deep into the skin, also giving your skin time to soak up the oil.

Soak it in

Get a washcloth for your face and run it under hot water to get it nice and humid.  Ready for your facial?! Place the hot washcloth (don’t forget to wring the extra water out first!) on your face and enjoy the heat! Leave the washcloth on your face until it cools down. I usually redo it once more just because I want to make sure my face gets the maximum castor benefits for face from combining heat with the castor oil mix. And plus it’s so lovely and relaxing!

Wipe it off

Lastly, use a clean washcloth or rinse/reuse the other washcloth to gently remove the oil from your face.  Don’t rub too hard, but gently wipe it off and pat dry.  Once finished, you will feel refreshing and rejuvenating feeling on your face.

I use this simple and natural technique every once and a while just to get a boost of freshness and softness because luckily my face hardly gets too dry or too oily.  However, some friends of mine and Marianne use it more frequently (1 every day or every other day) in order to have the best results. If you try using castor oil for your face, please do leave a little comment below and share your experience!

Where can I buy castor oil, you ask? Discover my article on the best way to buy castor oil!


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  1. Hello! I have a type of dermatitis that produces flakes probably from excess sebum. I first started my experience of oils as mosturizers with Argan and Marula oil. Great oils but awful for my dermatitis. I then tried Jojoba and Sweet Almond. They were fine. The second I applied Castor Oil, I was beyond hooked. For the past two years I’ve been applying it twice daily, morning and night. When I see my skin acting up around my nose, I rub some in from a little bottle I carry of it. It’s the best oil to control my skin without all these nasty chemicals. I was told by my dermatologist I’ll always struggle with my skin and was prescribed intense medications that only irritated me further. I dropped all that for castor oil and I’ve never looked back. Now my skin is beautiful and radiant just from castor oil itself. I convinced so many other people around me to experience its greatness and so many other people are hooked. My struggle with my skin is all the evidence I need to share with the world the greatness of castor oil!!! Also, my eyebrows went from sparse to full so that’s always a plus 🙂

    • Wow, Layla!!! Thanks so much for sharing! That’s AMAZING!! Castor oil is the best, right!? 🙂 I also use it directly to control flare-ups in acne! I get them a lot on my shoulder area for some reason lately, but I massage a little castor oil and in the morning they’re almost gone! So glad you could find relief with castor oil! xoxo Always welcome to share more of your tips with me on the blog!


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