Castor Oil and Essential Oils: The Dream Team

A mix of Castor Oil and Essential Oils can be highly beneficial for your health. Check out how it works and feel the power of the best natural remedies!

The use of essential oils can relieve many ailments.

An essential oil is an aromatic plant extract obtained by distillation of aromatic plants or parts of the plant (flower, leaf, wood, root, bark or fruit). An essential oil is the essence of the aromatic plant. It is composed of active terpene and aromatic molecules that contribute to our well being.

Combine the Benefits of Castor Oil & Essential Oils

At first, I was more familiar with a very common essential oil: the eucalyptus. It is used to clear the lungs in case of severe cold.

I knew there was a multitude of essential oils but I was far from being an expert until one of my friends pointed out to me that there were almost as many essential oils than there were symptoms. This is the reason behind this article!

Look further into the power of essential oils and combine it with castor oil in order to maximize their active properties.

Why Use Castor Oil and Essential Oils ?

First of all, it is a question of convenience and safety: essential oils are very powerful. If some of them can be applied directly on the skin, most of them require to be mixed with a vegetal oil.

The reason is simple: mixed with a vegetal oil, such as castor oil, an essential oil becomes less harsh for the skin. This is even more true for sensitive skin! This is also the case if you want to extend the application to a bigger surface.

castor oil and essential oils

Combining castor oil and essential oils is a smart move when you want to add up the beneficial effects of both oils. Two birds one stone, like they say!

Discover the fruits of my labor in the next paragraphs.

Which Essential Oil to Use with Castor Oil

Two essential oils are particularly efficient when combined with castor oil: Thyme and Rosemary essential oils. Those oils will be a natural remedy against many common diseases and will help you heal faster while bringing you a warm feeling of well being.

Thyme Thujanol Essential Oil 

Castor oil and essential oils
Discover it now

A few drops (generally one or two) of essential oil mixed with a tea spoon of castor oil are usually enough (depending on the surface you need to treat). The mix is then applied by massaging the corresponding area in order to relieve the body.

The following chart gives you indication of the area requiring massaging depending on the symptoms.

ThroatSinusBehing ear (exterior)
General fatiguecheckcheckcheck

This chart is not comprehensive but gives you a few suggestions for common symptoms. This mix can also be used to improve blood flow. Massage any part of your body that aches and requires some help recovering. (See article castor oil for massage)

Thyme Thujanol Essential Oil is soft and generally well tolerated by the skin. However, it still is an essential oil which means it is very powerful!

You should always be careful and dose it wisely. Other kinds of Thyme essential oils are not as soft than the Thujanol kind. For example: Carvacrol thyme oil or Thymol thyme oil are stronger. Essential oils should be avoided if you are pregnant. If you are not sure what to do, please seek your doctor’s advice.

Rosemary Verbenone Essential Oil

Castor oil and essential oils

Discover it here

The principle remains the same here. A few drops of rosemary essential oil mixed in a spoon full of castor oil (depending on the surface of the area you need to treat). The final mix is then applied on the body to relieve the pain and stimulate the healing process.

The following chart gives you indication of the area requiring massaging depending on the symptoms.

ChestSinusBehing ear (exterior)
Physical fatiguecheckcheckcheck
Liver diseasescheck
Gallstones disordercheck
Bad digestioncheck
Mucosal inflammation

In general, essential oils should be avoided for pregnant women. They are very strong: I highly recommend talking to a professional (doctor, pharmacist) before applying it on the body. 

Personal Experience

I tried both essential oils mix and I have to say, I have not been disappointed by the results!

First, the Thyme/Castor Oil mix has been really helpful after a long and stressful week or even after a long hike!

The mix refreshes and softens the skin and I really felt relieved and appeased after massaging the sore areas (like my feet and shoulders!) Thyme essential oil and castor oil are really made for each other.

Concerning the Rosemary/Castor Oil mix, I used it when I encounter digestion problems.

I found the results to be quite satisfying (relieving?) I had the chance to try this mix for the holiday season (Christmas/New Year) where our digestive system is highly stimulated, and I had less problems sleeping after those long and heavy meals.

Please let me know what other essential oils you use or if you have tried my suggestion, please let us know all about your experience.

If you want to know more about essential oils, check out this very simple and efficient video!

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  1. Can castor oil be used with lemongrass oil as a hair oil? Should castor oil for hair be diluted with almond or coconut oil?
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