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Use Castor Oil for Warts to stop the virus from spreading and eliminate these unwanted growths by spending just a few minutes each day!

Warts can be an unsightly and inconvenient addition to your skin depending on where they happen to grow. Most people would try anything to get rid of these growths, but they shy away from having them medically removed by a doctor. Now, you can try a new home remedy by applying castor oil for warts.

Not sure if this home solution is going to be the right fit for you? Learn more about why it works and how you can take advantage of it with us!

In this article:

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  • Why does castor oil for warts work?
  • How to apply castor oil to warts

What Are Warts?

Are you ready to learn where warts really come from? Warts are more than just an unsightly skin growth that embarrasses you. They are actually caused by exposure to the human papillomavirus (HPV) that gets into the skin and causes an infection.

Some people are naturally more susceptible to developing warts when they come into contact with the virus, including children.

If you have any cuts or scrapes on the skin, this area is more prone to grow a wart because it is easier for the virus to enter into the skin.

Castor Oil for Warts | Castor Oil Guide

Unfortunately, you might find that your warts are spreading over time.

This is certainly possible if the virus moves from one part of your body to another. You can even transfer the virus to other individuals and cause another outbreak of warts on their skin.

The tendency for warts to spread all over your skin and from person to person is part of why it is so crucial to stop the spread and growth of the virus quickly.

Why Does Castor Oil for Warts Work?

Applying castor oil to warts is one of the easiest home remedies to stop wart growth right in its tracks.

Castor oil contains a high degree of ricinoleic acid that makes it naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal. These properties can help to stamp out the lingering virus that is causing the wart in the first place, preventing it from spreading and further developing.

The acid content also makes the oil ideal because it can gently dissolve the layers of skin that developed as a telltale sign of the HPV.

Over time, castor oil for warts can kill the virus, eat away at the layers of skin that cause you discomfort, and moisturize your skin simultaneously. Unlike other over-the-counter remedies, your skin won’t be dry or irritated after you use this excellent oil.

How to Use Castor Oil for Warts Removal?

Castor oil can be used all by itself to help you get rid of those pesky warts. It takes less than five minutes per day to apply this oil properly. Results should start showing up in roughly two weeks, depending on the size and severity of your warts. In order to treat warts you will need:

Castor Oil for Warts | Castor Oil Guide

Apply a few drops of castor oil to the cotton ball and place it over the wart. Secure to the skin using a Band-Aid. You should try to do this twice a day (morning and evening) for the best results. But we recommend to do it at night and yield good progress. Wash the skin thoroughly every time you remove the Band-Aid.

Final Thoughts

Using castor oil is an extremely easy and effective solution to get rid of warts that have been plaguing you for too long. It can stop their development right at the source for more effective eradication.

Dr Helen Smith
Dr. Helen Smith provides food and nutrition consultation and treatment for obese as well as health-conscious patients. She holds B.S in psychology and completed her M.S in nutrition sciences from California State University. She has over five years of experience in advising and helping patients with the right nutrition and diet. Her mission is to make nutrition information accessible to everyone and help people follow a healthy lifestyle.

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  1. Any idea if this is more effective than ACV on warts? Apple cider vinegar does OK but evaporates. If this is an oil I think it will work better but just a guess. Any idea of one vs the other? I’m tempted to go and buy castor oil. THANKS!

  2. My mother at 95 was in the nursing home and had a pump come up on the side of her nose. Every day twice a day I would apply castor oil to it. With in 4 weeks it was gone.
    You could not see any thing at the place where it was removed..

    • I haven’t dived into this subject yet. It’s not the first time I’ve been asked this so I’ll just say for now that I’ll add this to the list of my castor oil research and hopefully can learn more about this soon!


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