What is Black Castor Oil Good For and How To Use it?

Make your hair and skin grow naturally with black castor oil. It’s carbon-rich, packed with essential acids and offers many health benefits!

Black castor oil is rich in carbon content and possesses excellent therapeutic properties. It’s quite effective in nature and helps in treating common skin and hair problems. In this article, we will explain what this oil is good for and how to use it effectively.

Today we’ll cover:

What is Black Castor Oil?

what is black castor oil?

Black castor oil is prepared by roasting the castor beans and then heating it to extract the final product. With its origins in Jamaica, it is also known as Jamaican Black Castor Oil or JBCO.

It is rich in carbon content and offers the same benefits as castor oil, but with better efficiency and performance. It’s also more alkaline than the regular one.

What is Black Castor Oil Good for?

It contains ricinoleic acid and omega-9 fatty acids. This combination is rich in nutritional content and possesses antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

It’s excellent for treating hair problems and nourish your hair naturally. JBCO is also a wonderful moisturizer when combined with coconut oil and tea tree oil.

How it is different from a regular one?

BCO is different from regular oil in three aspects. They’re:


Regular oil is yellow while the BCO is slightly dark in color. The reason being BCO is prepared by roasting the castor beans.


The ph level of BCO is higher than the regular version. It’s more alkaline in nature and treats numerous skin conditions with its basic nature.

Processing Method

Both the oils are derived from castor beans, however, the extraction method is completely different. The regular version is made by pressing fresh castor beans while BCO comes from roasting the beans.

Uses of Black Castor Oil

The oil is rich in essential nutrients and has the following uses:

1. Treating Hair Problems

treating hair problems

Filled with vitamins and minerals, BCO can help in treating a variety of hair problems. It can moisturize dry hair and remove dandruff.

You can enhance its capabilities by mixing it with essential oils like Jojoba oil and Rosemary oil.

Read our article to know the best hair treatment recipes.

2. Soothes Joint Pain

Soothes joint pain

Massaging your joints and muscles regularly with JBCO will relieve the pain and improve blood circulation as well.

Just take a cloth, dip it in the oil, apply it to the desired area, and massage it properly.

3. Fight and Treat Skin Infections

fight and treat skin infectionsThe oil possesses antibacterial and antifungal properties, so you can directly apply it to the skin. It’ll improve the blood circulation and improve the immunity of your body.

4. Moisturize and Grow your Eyelashes

Using black castor oil for eyelashes

Applying JBCO on the base of your eyelashes will help in growing and thining the hair. It also promotes hair growth.

Read our guide on how to grow eyelashes with castor oil here.

Precautions To Consider

Please keep the following precautions in mind before using the above methods.

  • Purchase JBCO from a trusted brand and a reliable source.
  • Never ingest the Jamaican oil as it’s a powerful laxative
  • Make sure the JBCO is pure and not adultered with chemicals

Final Thoughts

That’s all for today. JBCO is a powerful and effective version of regular castor oil. It’s therapeutic and healing properties will do wonders for your skin, hair, and skin.

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