Sky Organics Castor Oil Review: Authentic or a Sly Substitute?

In-depth analysis and look in this Sky Organics Castor Oil Review. Is it the best one out there or just a sly substitute for something better?

There is nothing more beautiful than being natural. This includes using products whose purpose is to make us feel more confident and beautiful, without looking botched or overdone. Over time, we all show signs of our age, and the stresses of life begin to make their mark on our features (thanks kids). The wonderful thing is that there are organic ways to bring parts of ourselves back to life that make us look and feel youthful once again. With that in mind, I wanted to give a look into one product’s claim on keeping it beautifully natural. Here is my Sky Organics Castor Oil review. 

In this article : 

  • A quick overview of castor oil benefits
  • In-depth Sky Organics Castor Oil review

Why castor oil rocks!

Castor oil has been known to lessen many aging facial features and help beautify an already beautiful faceThere are many other awesome benefits to Castor Oil, including the natural ways it softens or amplifies one’s skin, hair, scalp, lips or eyelashes.

Below are just some of the positives for utilizing castor oil in your daily routine:

  • Helpful with skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis
  • Softens rough, dry or cracked skin
  • Deterrent against the bacteria that causes acne
  • Protects against air pollutants
  • Long shelf life after opening

Sky Organics is a brand that specializes in castor oil and raves about their product’s capabilities. While they are a well-known and popular brand, is Sky Organics all that it’s hyped to be? Should you buy it? What are sky organics castor oil uses? Are there alternatives out there that are even better? Let’s take a deeper look and find out in this thorough Sky Organics Castor Oil review.

Sky Organics Castor Oil Review: An in-depth look at a popular brand

Infused with vitamins and fatty acids, the Sky Organics Castor Oil is one whose makeup claims to be a natural and organic oil that can bring new life to your skin, hair, and body. Boasting about phenomenal skin and hair transformations, Sky Organics Hair Castor Oil seems to be quite a miracle-worker. 

Sky Organics Castor Oil review

Made and packaged in India, this organic castor oil by sky organics comes with an affordable price tag for most shoppers. In reviewing the thoughts of those who purchased this brand of castor oil, many said that they saw growth in the areas where they applied it (you can use castor oil for hair, scalp or eyelashes). 

Other users have found the Sky Organics Castor Oil to be thicker than normal (although castor oil is naturally thick), as well as carry an unpleasant odor. Furthermore, this left some people hesitant to apply the oil anywhere on their body. 

For some other people with more sensitive skin, the Sky Organics brand caused acne breakouts for some product users. While castor oil claims to help be a deterrent to the bacteria that causes acne, some people said that it only clogged their pores more. As a result of this, many castor oil users have had acne breakouts or skin irritations.

Finally, one other important factor to make known, is that Sky Organics, despite its name, is not USDA approved. Therefore, one cannot be sure what also is being used inside each bottle of castor oil. Without the approval of the USDA, the authenticity and pureness of Sky Organics should raise a red flag to potential buyers, especially because they use it to promote their brand!

More on the USDA:

Positives vs. Negatives:

To help summarize the best and worst of Sky Organics Castor Oil, here is a quick bullet point list:

Sky Organics Castor Oil review: positive findings

  • Affordable and can fit most budgets
  • Does show growth in applicable areas
  • Decent supply 
  • Popular and well-known due to its brand name

Sky Organics Castor Oil review: negative findings

  • Best used with other products, in addition to the Sky Organics product
  • Some users lost hair & had more acne breakouts after using the products
  • The smell was not pleasant, even though castor oil shouldn’t have much of one
  • Slow end results that didn’t leave many overly impressed
  • Not USDA approved

Is Sky Organics Castor Oil the right brand for me?

In doing some thorough research on my Sky Organics Castor Oil review, I have to say that Sky Organics is not the first brand of castor oil I would buy. While they provide users with a huge quantity at an affordable price, that doesn’t mean you are really getting the best natural product. Let’s face it, the more you produce, the less care one places on every bottle that leaves the door.

Sky organics castor oil review
Find it on Amazon

I personally recommend Foxbrim Castor Oil. To note, this product is highly acclaimed by many leaders in the beauty and wellness industry. Foxbrim Castor Oil is a brand that puts quality before quantity and prides itself on being 100% authentic to the natural makeup of castor oil. There are no extra ingredients, no additives to give it a longer lifespan, just real castor oil in its truest form.

As opposed to Sky Organics Castor Oil, Foxbrim Castor Oil is USDA approved. Due to this approval, one can truly take to heart that there isn’t anything ‘extra’ in Foxbrim Castor Oil that may cause harmful skin side effects.

In conclusion, reviews show that Foxbrim Castor Oil has less skin irritation and enhances hair growth on its own, without the use of outside products. Foxbrim is a truly genuine brand who proves that it has nothing to hide, just your age spots or dry scalp.😊❤

For more information on Foxbrim Castor Oil, check them out online or on their website.

Elly Rey
Elly Rey is a beauty and nutrition enthusiast. She shares natural remedies, health benefits of castor oil, and guides people on how to stay healthy and active. Along with beauty, she is also a computer geek and loves to learn and experiment with technology.

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