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¡Hola amigos! For quite a while now, my favorite brand of organic castor oil has been Foxbrim. There are many reasons why I choose Foxbrim over other castor oil brands. In this article, you will discover why I, along thousands of others, love their castor oil! You’ll also get a glimpse into the many Foxbrim castor oil reviews!

From quality to certification to customer service, Foxbrim gets an A+ in my book. Let’s see some castor oil reviews!

Foxbrim Castor Oil Reviews |

Why I Choose Foxbrim

I love the transparency behind Foxbrim. There is no mystery ingredient. No ulterior motive. Just pure and natural castor oil. And that’s the way it should be!

Brands these days put quantity before quality. Foxbrim endeavors to do the exact opposite. By producing in small batches, they provide customers with the highest quality products, and they do so in confidence! Only natural and organic ingredients… Do I need to say more?

Credit: Foxbrim

Scientifically-crafted handpicked ingredients are at the core of their products. This means you get superior quality castor oil (among other products) at an affordable price. And with Foxbrim I’m able to buy all my favorite natural and organic products. Subscribe and save on Amazon like I do for extra savings!

Not to mention, it’s never tested on animals, you can use your castor oil in confidence knowing that it is cruelty-free. It is also vegan friendly!

The USDA certified organic label seals the deal; I know this castor oil is cold-pressed, pure, virgin, and hexane-free.

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Some Customer Reviews

I’m not the only Foxbrim castor oil fan out there! See some of these real Foxbrim customer reviews for yourself!

“I’ve been using this product every night for about two weeks and I already notice longer eyelashes and eyebrow growth. I also use it for my edges and throughout my hair on day 2 or 3 hair. I’ve noticed baby hairs growing on my edges and my hair feeling stronger and shinier. I’ve recommended this product to two of my girlfriends and can’t wait to see their results!” –Lauren

“I use this to not only grow my edges but to also grow my eyelashes. It’s a very thick oil so I use it sparingly. When I apply it into my eyelashes it doesn’t irritate my eyes at all. As for my edges they grow back stronger and healthier than before. Also I use this during my night time hair routine. It is very moisturizing and helps tame my edges and leave-out when I have a sew-in. I love that it promotes hair growth which is always a plus in my book. I love this stuff and I recommended it to everyone who wants to grow back healthier hair.” –Hillary

 “This stuff is amazing!! I love the consistency. I plan on using it to try and regrow my over plucked eyebrows among any many other things. My twin boys are 5 so needless to say they are always getting scraps I love castor oil to help disinfect naturally and thanks to Foxbrim organically. The ONLY reason I didn’t give this review 5 stars is because I wish the top was different. It can be hard to get it out without slipping it everywhere. I wish it have a dropper type top. If it did I would have given it 5 stars for sure. I love that it comes in an amber glass bottle and that it’s made in the USA, and cruelty free!” –Shirlee

Foxbrim Castor Oil Reviews |

Final Thoughts: Foxbrim Castor Oil Reviews

Now you know why I choose Foxbrim as my preferred choice of castor oil! What do you think about Foxbrim? Maybe you have another great castor oil I should know about? Let me know! I would love to try new natural products. 🙂

Thanks for reading and following Castor Oil Guide! Continue to send me your thoughts and questions, I love to hear from fellow natural-product-lovers!

This article is not sponsored by Foxbrim. The opinions/comments in this post are mine alone and I share them gladly for fellow castor oil users. Please note that this article does contain affiliate links to Amazon. A purchase through one of the links provides this website a small commission. Thanks for your support!

Featured image credit: Foxbrim logo. Image design created by me.

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  1. Hi, Brittany
    O, I am also a cat lover and has been all my life!
    They are so cleaver! They manipulate us to our mutual benefits!
    About Foxbrim Castor Oil… So where it is produced, where the seeds come from?
    From India or from America?
    Thank you Brittany!

    • Hi Tania! So great to meet another cat lover, hehe 🙂 The castor oil seeds are produced in India, and the oil is bottled in the US (that’s according to Amazon’s questions/answers). So I guess you could say it includes both 😉 Thanks for dropping by Tania!


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