Does Castor Oil Get Rid of Armadillos?

There are many ways to make armadillos go away! Making a repellent is an ideal choice to do so. But does castor oil get rid of armadillos? Let’s find out!

Native to America, armadillos are tiny nocturnal mammals with sharp claws, armor shell, and short legs (1). They move quickly, live in dens, and harm telephone lines, pipelines and vegetables in the yard. That’s why it is important to eliminate them quickly. But does castor oil get rid of armadillos? Is it effective? Read on to find out!

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What are Armadillos?

what are armadillos

Armadillos are tiny mammals that feed on insects including ants, beetles, and termites (2). They have strong legs and claws with which they dig burrows and damage gardens, flower beds, and pipelines. Enclosed in a shell, they are not good creatures to be around your home and should be eliminated quickly.

Does Castor Oil Get Rid of Armadillos?

Castor oil is effective in repelling armadillos as it penetrates deep in the soil, spoils its food sources, and makes the armadillos go away. Using it is a non-toxic and safe way to get rid of armadillos without hurting your garden or lawn. You can use it to make your own homemade repellent. It is also used in repelling moles.

Homemade Armadillos Repellent Recipe

does castor oil get rid of armadillos?

To prepare a DIY Armadillos Repellent you will need the following ingredients:

  • Castor Oil
  • Dish Soap
  • Water
  • Bucket
  • Spray Bottle


  1. Take a bucket and fill it with 2 liters of water.
  2. Now mix castor oil and dish soap solution in 2:1 parts in the bucket.
  3. Once mixed, transfer the solution to the spray bottle. You can store the remaining repellent in a jar for future use.
  4. Your homemade armadillos repellent is ready.

Ways To Control and Prevent Armadillos

You can follow the solutions listed below to control and prevent armadillos in your garden, flower bed, or lawn.

Spray Homemade Armadillos Repellent

Spray the repellent in your garden as well as flowerbeds every month. Also, look for burrows and holes around your lawn and sprinkle repellent in them.

Use Traps

Using a trap is an effective way to control the armadillos. Set traps in the burrow’s entrance and fences to capture the little armored ones. Later, release them in a remote place.

Try Red Pepper Flakes

Crush red pepper flakes and sprinkle them in the flower bed, yard or garden. The strong and pungent smell of the red pepper flakes will keep the armadillos away.

Buy an Electric Repellent

Get an electronic repellent online or from a nearby general store. It’s motion-controlled and sprinkles water to repel the armadillos. You can place it near plants, vegetable gardens, flowerbeds, and pathways, where these tiny mammals may travel.

Make Ammonia and Murphy Oil Solution

Combine one part of murphy oil soap and four parts of ammonia in water. Spray it in the areas prone to armadillos regularly. Always mask and goggles while spraying it!

Final Thoughts

Summing up, castor oil is effective in repelling armadillos. You can use it to make your own homemade repellent and make these tiny armored creatures go away. For safety purposes always wear a mask and wash your hands after spraying it in the prone areas.

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  1. Two parts castor oil and one part dish soap doesn’t say how much to add to a gallon of water. It could be 1 cup, 2 cups, or 3 cups to a gallon. I need help because my yard is torn up every night for months.


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