Castor Oil Mascara | Benefits + DIY Recipe

Castor Oil Mascara is an all-natural alternative that can give you thicker and fuller lashes that last, even without daily application!

Mascara is a treasured favorite among beauty lovers who want the thickest and darkest lashes they can have. Unfortunately, false lashes and store-bought cosmetic items pose their own risks compared to natural products. There aren’t many natural alternatives for mascara found on today’s market, but castor oil mascara could be your new favorite beauty item.

Not sure whether you could really use castor oil for mascara? We’re here to teach you how it works in the sections below!

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Is Castor Oil Mascara Safe?

Most natural beauty products come with their own long list of ingredients that may or may not be helpful. Some of these items might not be as great for your overall health as you think. They might run down your face, causing an unattractive appearance that is the exact opposite of what you wanted. They might even cause eye irritation.

Castor oil for mascara will be different than most of these products. It actually is extremely safe and even beneficial for your eyes.

Castor Oil Mascara | Castor Oil Guide

When you use castor oil for mascara, you are actually applying an ingredient that is inherently antibacterial and antifungal. That means that if even a small drop makes its way into your eye, it poses the least risk of causing an eye infection.

The castor oil you can purchase from the store contains a high degree of ricinoleic acid, an omega fatty acid that helps to nourish your body’s skin and hair. These proteins are essential to developing healthy skin, hair, and even lashes. They are absolutely safe, even for the most sensitive parts of the body like your eyes.

Benefits of Castor Oil Mascara

Why would you want to choose castor oil for mascara over other products? Just because it’s safe doesn’t mean that it’s the ideal companion for your lashes. You will definitely see the benefits once you try it though!

The natural properties of this oil make it wonderful for your eye health and the growth of your eyelashes.

Castor oil is great for coating each individual strand of your eyelashes without clumping, but the acids it contains allow the oil to make your eyelashes much healthier.

Castor Oil Mascara | Castor Oil Guide

They can grow in thicker and fuller, and many experts believe that this oil could even help the hair to grow in faster. This makes castor oil mascara ideal for those who don’t currently have the thick lashes they dream about.

This is due to the ricinoleic acid we covered in the last section. You will have more beautiful lashes, even when you don’t wear your castor oil mascara. It may take some time to get to this point, but it is well worth the wait.

DIY Castor Oil Mascara

Are you ready to make your own castor oil mascara? Fortunately, this is a super simple recipe that you can make in no time at all. You have a couple of choices for your new mascara mixture, so be sure to play with what combination works best for you.

Castor Oil Mascara | Castor Oil Guide

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First, you can apply straight castor oil to your lashes using a clean mascara wand like these seen here. Second, you could create a mixture of half castor oil and half of one of these carrier oils:

Most people suggest applying this at night so the castor oil doesn’t blur your vision if it drips. The blurring is only temporary due to the highly viscous nature of the oil, so don’t worry! This also gives your eyelashes the most time to soak up the beneficial ingredients.

Final Thoughts: Castor Oil Mascara

Castor oil for mascara can be a great choice for someone who wants to naturally grow and extend their eyelashes. It’s a significantly safer alternative to store-bought cosmetics, false lashes, and even eyelash curlers. Plus, you get long-lasting benefits instead of the temporary beauty of traditional mascara.

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