Can You Put Castor oil in Your Eyes and Is it Safe?

Can you put castor oil in your eyes? Is it safe? Learn more about its benefits and how to use it in your eyes.

Experiencing dryness or discomfort with your eyes is a common problem with few solutions available apart from eye drops. Many people hate the idea of continuously purchasing store-bought remedies to correct their everyday ailments, even if they do offer some mild relief from the issue. However, you may find that castor oil eye drops are a natural alternative that treats eye issues right at the source.

Don’t waste another minute trying to function with dry, itchy, irritated, or uncomfortable eyes. Find out more about how you can use castor oil eye drops in this detailed guide.

In this article:

  • Why are castor oil eye drops great?
  • How to use castor oil for eyes? 
  • Is it safe to put castor oil in the eyes?

Why Are Castor Oil Eye Drops Great?

Before you start adding these drops into your eyes, you should know exactly why this liquid works.

Castor oil contains a high content of ricinoleic acid and omega-3 fatty acids that help to promote collagen and skin production. Dry eyes can benefit from these key ingredients because it helps to restore moisture and promote healthier cell growth on the eye.

Castor Oil Eye Drops | Castor Oil Guide

Castor oil is also inherently antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial so it can treat any sort of infection right at the source. In fact, castor oil eye drops can treat issues like pink eye (conjunctivitis) with a shorter recovery time than over-the-counter versions.

Castor oil can likely help with all of the following conditions:

How To Use Castor Oil for Eyes?

You should always test your skin for a reaction before applying castor oil in large areas. Using it for eyes is really no different. Before you start implementing the oil eye drops, it’s essential that you make sure your eyes won’t have a negative reaction.

You can try this by applying a few drops of castor oil around your lower eyelid and waterline for a few days at bedtime. If no reaction occurs and your eyes are feeling a little better, you are probably safe to go ahead with castor oil eye drops.

Before bedtime, add one to two drops of castor oil in each eye. Applying this thick oil in the morning may cause your vision to blur, so daytime application isn’t recommended.

Is it safe for eyes?

While it is safe to put castor oil in your eyes, you should always take precautions regarding the quality of the castor oil you purchase. Applying castor oil to your eyes means that you are exposing extremely sensitive skin to this product. I would highly recommend choosing an organic castor oil for this purpose.

For safety measures, we highly recommend you to use chemical-free and sterile castor oil drops from recognized brands.

Castor Oil Eye Drops | Castor Oil Guide

You should also look for castor oils with the following qualities if you want to use castor oil eye drops:

  • Cold-pressed
  • Virgin
  • Hexane-free
  • USDA-certified organic

My personal favorite is the Foxbrim Natural Pure Castor Oil which is ideal for castor oil eye drops. It even comes with a dropper that makes it convenient for this application.

Final Thoughts

Castor oil eye drops can be a great all-natural solution to common issues like dry and itchy eyes that don’t respond to store-bought solutions. Be sure to test it thoroughly before applying the drops directly into your eye!

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  1. Don’t be listening to Wikipedia for anything. Lots of misinformation on there. Castor oil helps dissolve the beginning stage of cataracts. It’s good for dry eyes as well. 1 drop in each eye in the evening before bed.

  2. I bought some Heritage Store castor oil. It says 100% Cold Pressed vegan & cruelty free and Became free. The only thing I do not see is organic. Would thus be safe to use in my eyes. I suffer from dry eyes and I am also near sited as well as having astigmatism. I have also had retinal detachment and cataract surgeries.
    I have applied it to my eye lashes. But was think of trying it for drops to help dry eyes.

  3. Dr. Smith,

    In Wikipedia on castor oil, the safety section states “The castor seed contains ricin, a toxic lectin. Heating during the oil extraction process denatures and deactivates the lectin.” ( You recommended using cold pressed castor oil for the eye. Would ricin coming with the cold pressed castor oil post a health concern? I would like to hear your comment on this aspect of the oil before I venture to use the oil on my cataract eyes. Also in what ways heating the oil destroy its health benefits to the eye?


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