Castor Oil for Hemorrhoids | A Gentle, Natural Remedy

Discover Castor Oil for Hemorrhoids and how its soothing virtues can help you relieve the uncomfortable pain associated with hemorrhoids.

Produced from castor seeds, castor oil is known for its many benefits since antiquity. Its richness in fatty acids, including ricinoleic acid, nourishes skin, hair, nails, and more, naturally. We have already mentioned some of the numerous virtues of castor oil, both cosmetic and for our health, in particular by the application of poultices or in massages. However, today we will address another use of castor oil that will perhaps surprise you: castor oil for hemorrhoids.

In this article you’ll learn:

  • What Are Hemorrhoids?
  • Causes
  • Prevention and Treatment
  • How Castor Oil Helps

What Are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids. They’re certainly not your campfire chat subject, right? As uncomfortable the topic, just imagine that the real-deal is much worse; causing severe pain, itching and rendering the person who suffers from it miserable.

That’s why it’s important to know how the virtues of castor oil can help relieve and soothe the “area concerned.” In this article, we will first understand what hemorrhoids are, their causes, and finally treatments (natural if possible). This is where castor oil comes in!

Hemorrhoids are defined as:

Venous formations located around and inside the anus and rectum. Problems arise when a hemorrhoid attack occurs, caused by an abnormal dilatation of these veins. May cause itching, irritation, painless bleeding, swelling, pain and discomfort.

Castor Oil for Hemorrhoids

It is therefore not a disease, but rather a pathology. Hemorrhoids can be accompanied by discomfort, bleeding, burning, abscesses, anal fissures and, therefore, severe pain. It may also cause thrombosis in the affected area.

In addition to localized symptoms in the anal area, a hemorrhoids attack can also lead to bleeding anemia and fatigue. So there are several degrees of severity to a hemorrhoids surge. It is advisable to consult a doctor to confirm that it is indeed a hemorrhoids crisis, especially when bleeding occurs.

Causes for Hemorrhoids

The causes of an outbreak of hemorrhoids are multiple but it is estimated that one in two adults over 50 years suffers or will suffer. Age is one of the first causes taken into consideration. It is therefore necessary to understand what is involved and to know what treatment to apply.

There is no shame in having hemorrhoids, it is unfortunately something that can affect all of us.

Besides age, intestinal disorders, including constipation, pregnancy and a sedentary life can increase the risk of hemorrhoids. It is important to note that in the case of pregnancy and childbirth, hemorrhoids tend to disappear quickly.

Hemorrhoids can also be due to diet (spices, alcohol, tobacco, etc.) and poor hydration. Finally, other triggering factors such as violent and repeated physical exertion, especially in certain sports or trades, or specific diseases related to the digestive tract and the liver should be taken into consideration.

Castor Oil for Hemorrhoids

Prevention & Treatment

Proper hydration, a healthy, balanced diet and daily physical activity help prevent hemorrhoids. Perfect hygiene, with mild products, is also essential to limit possible irritations.

If the hemorrhoid crisis is ongoing, it is best to consult a specialist. Especially if bleeding occurs. Many treatments in order to relieve the patient and allow the area to heal.

If this is the case, the doctor may also prescribe injections, elastic ligatures or surgical procedure.

However, if the hemorrhoid surge remains only troublesome, there is a proven natural solution. Yep! Castor oil for hemorrhoids.

Castor Oil for Hemorrhoids

Castor Oil for Hemorrhoids

During a hemorrhoidal crisis, make sure to keep good hygiene. Use wet wipes instead of toilet paper when needed. Apply a cold cloth and avoid foods and clothes that can further irritate the area.

Many oral or local treatments with corticosteroids are available in order to relieve and soothe quickly. However, these drugs and creams can not be used for too long. Unlike castor oil which is a sustainable, long-term solution. Castor oil helps soothe external hemorrhoids much more naturally. It is a particularly effective and gentle solution.

Castor oil will indeed allow the bloodstream to increase while relieving the pain and keeping the tissues hydrated. It will also help fight infection and reduce inflammation through its powerful anti-inflammatory action.

Application + Advice

The benefits of castor oil against hemorrhoids are noticeable from the very first application. Its immediate action will give you quick relief.

Follow this simple application process:

  • Leave a cotton soaked with castor oil on the area concerned for 15 minutes.
  • Repeat as many times as desired in order to always keep this area well hydrated and lubricated.

You can also mix one tablespoon of castor oil and the same amount of pure Aloe Vera gel.

Simply apply the paste obtained on the hemorrhoid. Leave on and repeat once or twice a day.

Tea tree tea tree oil also gives excellent results. You can add 3 to 4 drops to the previous mixture of castor oil and Aloe Vera. Massage the mix over the area concerned for a few minutes. Do not hesitate to apply twice a day for longer relief.

Castor Oil for Hemorrhoids

Final Thoughts: Castor Oil for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a much more common pathology than you might think.

People who suffer from it often feel a sense of shame and embarrassment but there is no need to be!

Castor oil can relieve you naturally and effectively. Its action is fast and easy to apply. So do not hesitate to use castor oil for hemorrhoids! Share your thoughts and comments with me and the COG community below.

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  1. Mine already ruptured, bled so from experience I know to not use prep H on anything that ruptured, the pain is unimaginable and it’ll never heal. Their directions really should make that more clear.
    I then tried Dr Butlers which is hit or miss, I think they use petroleum jelly which over time makes the area feel hot and uncomfortable.
    I had a bottle of castor oil and tea tree oil and just researched it a little online to make sure the mix is safe and sure enough it’s been a blessing. Best mixture to help it heal up. Although after 24 hours the tea tree oil seems to cause a little ache so just using plain castor oil after a day worked well.


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