Can You Mix Aloe Vera with Castor Oil?

Can you mix aloe vera with castor oil? Learn about the benefits of combining these two!

Packed with essential acids, minerals, and vitamins, there’s no doubt how effective castor oil is for healthy well-being. It is a natural moisturizer and nourishes your skin and hair. There’s another ingredient you can combine with castor oil to enhance its beauty-boosting capability. It’s aloe vera! So can you mix aloe vera with castor oil? Read on to find out!

  • What is Aloe Vera?
  • Benefits of Aloe Vera
  • Can You Mix Aloe Vera with Castor Oil?
  • DIY Castor Oil + Aloe Vera Recipes
  • Precautions To Consider
  • Final Thoughts

What is Aloe Vera?

aloe vera

Cultivate globally; aloe vera has been a part of health remedies for centuries. The leaf of aloe vera produces a gel, which is a natural moisturizer and possesses essential minerals, vitamins, and nutrients.

Benefits of Aloe Vera

There’re plenty of benefits of aloe vera on offer! It also provides nourishment to your well-being. These include:

Treats Burns

If you’re suffering from burns, then applying aloe vera gel will give you a sense of relief. It has cooling and moisturizing properties, which helps in quick healing. This research confirms that aloe vera can heal and cure minor and mild burns.

Clears Acne

Washing your face with aloe vera gel can help in reducing and clearing acne. The anti-inflammatory properties reduce inflammation and lesion, thereby making your skin smooth and silky.

Improves Digestion

Not only external aloe vera offers inherent benefits also when consumed. It can improve the digestion process by cleaning the digestive tract.

Can You Mix Aloe Vera with Castor Oil?

Yes, combining aloe vera with castor oil is a great idea. Both have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties, which help in providing all-round care for your hair, skin, and face.

DIY Castor Oil + Aloe Vera Recipes

Here’re some recipes you can prepare with castor oil and aloe vera. Include them in your well-being routine for effective results.

For Common Hair Problems

castor oil and aloe vera for hair

If you’re suffering from frequent hair problems like hair fall, hair loss or dandruff, then the therapeutic properties try using this natural remedy.

You’ll need:

  • Quality Castor Oil
  • Fresh Aloe Vera Gel


  1. Take a medium-size bowl.
  2. Mix aloe vera gel and castor oil in the bowl and blend properly, making a paste.
  3. Apply this paste on your scalp and gently massage your head with your fingertips.
  4. Cover your head with a shower cap and leave it overnight.
  5. Wash the paste and hair with a good quality shampoo.

Moisturizing Face

castor and aloe vera for moisturizing face

There’re many face problems we all can relate to, including acne and dry skin. Well, with the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of castor oil and aloe vera, it’s quite easy to treat them.

You’ll need:

  • Quality Castor Oil
  • Fresh Aloe Vera Gel


  1. Take a small size bowl.
  2. Mix castor oil and aloe vera gel and blend it well.
  3. Apply it on your face and gently massage with your fingers.
  4. Leave for one hour and wash with clean water.

Eyelash Growth

Do you know this excellent combination works well for eyelashes also? Read on to learn this recipe and grow your eyelashes.

You’ll need:

  • Quality castor oil
  • Mascara brush
  • Cotton Swap
  • Fresh Aloe Vera gel


  1. Mix 2 tablespoon each of castor oil and aloe vera gel in a small bowl.
  2. Apply the blend on your eyelashes with a mascara brush.
  3. Make sure to clean excess castor oil with a cotton swap else; it’ll seep in your eyes and irritate.
  4. Leave overnight and wash your face.

Precautions To Consider

Please keep the following points in mind before mixing castor oil and aloe vera gel, as well as including it in your beauty routine.

  • Always use cold-pressed, hexane-free, and organic castor oil.
  • Clean the applied region carefully with water.
  • Apply these remedies for 1-2 months to obtain valid results.
  • If your skin is allergic to castor oil, then avoid using these remedies.

Final Thoughts

Overall, castor oil and aloe vera is a wonderful combination to treat a variety of hair, skin, and face problems. Do use our remedies and let us know how your experience was!

Thanks for reading!

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