5 Jamaican Black Castor Oil uses l Treat your Hair

What is Jamaican black castor oil?

Have you ever heard of castor oil? This oil obtained by pressing the castor seeds and whose benefits are incredible for your hair, eyelasheseyebrows, skin, nails and even for your overall health!? Well then, the Jamaican black castor oil is almost the same! Its effects are relatively similar but some will find it an incomparable effectiveness. This type of castor oil is particularly famous in the Caribbean. But what are some famous Jamaican black castor oil uses?

I found out about the JBCO when researching regular castor oil. I soon discovered that this version of castor oil was greatly used in the old times to strengthen the body and avoid constipation. Bad memories for those who were using it internally as JBCO as well as regular castor oil are powerful laxatives. Please remember that I do not recommend at all to ingest castor oil, it is simply too dangerous!

jamaican black castor oil uses

Why is JBCO different than regular castor oil? It is simply due to a higher level of carbon particles created during the roasting of the seed just before extracting the oil (check my infographic for more details). According to the producers and fans, this carbon content could be responsible for the JBCO’s magic powers. Studies on Jamaican black castor oil uses are hard to find, however, you can find lots of anecdotes and information on forums or simply by asking around you for people from Jamaica or the Caribbean in general.

jamaïcan black castor oil by sunny isle
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Either way, I found this oil to be very efficient. It is very easy to integrate into your daily beauty routine and especially if you need to take care of your hair. I tested and adopted the Sunny Isle Jamaican black castor oil that you can easily find on Amazon.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil uses

Let’s see what this Jamaican black castor oil can do for your hair with a few homemade recipe.

recipe book jamaican black castor oil uses

jamaican black castor oil pre shampoo1. Pre-shampoo treatment

Jamaican black castor oil can make a great difference if used as a preparation before shampoo especially if you suffer from dandruff or dry scalp. Its antifungal properties make it the perfect oil for the treatment of certain scalp diseases. It deeply moisturizes and helps to soothe the excessive dryness caused by aggressive shampoos. Two things are important here: use it regularly and choose a quality product!

Jamaican black castor oil (as well as its twin sister, the traditional castor oil) is a relatively viscous product. I suggest you use it mixed with a more flexible, lighter vegetable oil (olive oil, or check my special recipe with coconut oil).

Jamaican Black Castor Oil uses for hair tips2. Seal the hydration on your rebel hair tips

Sealing the hydration simply means trapping the moisture in thanks to the oil. When you decide to hydrate your hair, it is essential to keep this hydration by applying JBCO in order to keep the water from evaporating. This technique enables you to keep your hair soft and flexible and to avoid any breakage.

Once your hair tips are humidified with a water spray,  the JBCO can be applied at the tip of your hair. Once more, do not forget that JBCO is a thick oil! It’s important to apply it gently especially for those of you who have thin and fragile hair.

3. A revitalizing mask

That’s how it all started for me and castor oil! My technique is very simple: I mix JBCO with coconut oil, apply it and leave it for the night. Here is a recipe coming straight from Jamaica:

  • 1 egg
  • 1 table spoon of castor oil
  • 1 table spoon of argan oil
  • 1 tea spoon of olive oil
  • 4 table spoon of your conditioner

If your hair is really thick, you can of course adjust the proportions.

Time to get your hands dirty 🙂 Apply this mixture gently on your hair. Massage your scalp and your hair and slowly make your way to the tips. Once you are done, cover it with a hot towel. My recommendation is to try to keep it warm with a heating cap for 15-20 minutes. Let me tell you, this will literally change the way your hair looks!

jamaican black castor oil uses : for braid4. Make a nice braid

As you now know, JBCO is really thick. I would advise you not to put too much of it and find yourself between a rock and a hard place 😉 (well whatever happens, you can always wash it off). But let’s focus on the positive here, it is this same texture that will perfectly maintain your hair.

If you want to get a smooth braid, apply a small amount of oil, this will allow to keep your hair in place and without frizz for a longer time.

5. Oil rinsing

This method is known for its magical effect on frizzy hair or afro; it’s easy to do and can save you the nightmare of de-tangling. The Jamaican Black Castor Oil makes your hair soft and easy to brush! A real joy!

How to do ? Shampoo your hair well, apply a mixture of olive oil /castor oil (50/50) from the root to the tip. Once your hair is well-soaked, rinse the oil with hot water. When finished, add conditioner and rinse again with warm water.

How to apply Jamaican black castor oil on your hair?

Check out this awesome little video!

What did you think of my recipes? How did it work for you? What’s your beauty routine? Please if you want to share your thoughts, feel free to leave a comment! Thanks a lot for your support! 🙂


  1. Chuwana said:

    I find your that the information that your sharedcwas very helpful. I have purchased the jamaican black castor oil and I have been using it. I’m hoping to see results by using it on my eyebrows ansmd hair. I gave been having trouble with my hair for awhile now it went being thick and thin to none. I do see my follicles being open and I’m hoping that it really works for me. Thank you for sharing with me it has really been helpful.

    September 26, 2017
    • Hello Chuwana, thanks very much for your kind words. I am very glad that the jamaican black castor oil is giving you wonderful results! Keep up the great work. Best wishes -Brittany

      September 26, 2017

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