Is Coconut Oil Good For Lips?

Is Coconut Oil Good For Lips? Can it transform your chapped skin into a healthy and plump one? Scroll down to learn in detail!

Coconut oil holds immense benefits, which can flip the game. But is it good for your lips, too? Let’s scratch the science behind it!

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Nutritional Profile of Coconut Oil

Is Coconut Oil Good For Lips
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  1. Saturated Fats (90%): Comprising mostly medium-chain triglycerides, the high saturated fat content in coconut oil provides a quick energy source and aids in boosting the HDL cholesterol, offering a cardiovascular benefit.
  2. Lauric Acid (Around 50%): Lauric acid, making up about half of coconut oil’s composition, is noteworthy for its antimicrobial and antiviral properties, potentially enhancing the body’s immune response.
  3. Calories (121 calories per tablespoon): Its high caloric density, primarily from fats, makes coconut oil an efficient energy source, particularly useful in ketogenic diets or for high-energy needs.
  4. Vitamins E and K, and Iron (Trace amounts): The presence of these nutrients, albeit in small quantities, contributes to maintaining healthy skin, proper blood clotting, and efficient oxygen transport in the bloodstream.
  5. Capric and Caprylic Acids: These specific medium-chain fatty acids are known for their quick energy release and potential antimicrobial benefits, contributing to the unique health properties of coconut oil.

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Is Coconut Oil Good for Lips?

Use Oil On Lips

Yes, coconut oil can be a boon to your lip care routine.

Coconut oil’s efficacy as a moisturizer is largely due to its high content of medium-chain fatty acids, especially lauric acid. This isn’t just hearsay—a study published in the ‘International Journal of Dermatology’ backs its efficacy. They reinforce your lips’ natural lipid layer, trapping moisture and keeping them hydrated.

Well, hydration is just the beginning. The antimicrobial properties of lauric acid in coconut oil suggest that it can protect your lips from microbial infections, which is particularly beneficial for cracked or chapped lips.

And here’s a cool fact—coconut oil has a soothing effect. If you’ve spent a little too much time in the sun or the wind has been harsh on your lips, applying a bit of coconut oil can feel incredibly calming with its natural SPF properties.

Plus, a study explains how Vitamin E acts as a potent antioxidant, protecting your skin cells from oxidative stress. This is crucial for maintaining healthy lips, as it combats the harmful effects of free radicals. The best part is that it comes in handy, doesn’t break the bank, and stands out as an excellent option for those seeking natural alternatives to a healthy life.

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How To Use Coconut Oil On Lips?

Lip Balm
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There are many ways to use coconut oil on lips. Follow the one that’s most convenient to you:

1. Apply It Directly

You can simply dab a few drops of coconut oil on your lips and gently massage it in. This will provide instant hydration and protection.

2. Mix It With Honey

You can combine equal parts of coconut oil and honey and apply it as a lip mask before going to bed. This will moisturize, heal, and soothe your lips overnight. This method is beneficial for dry, chapped, or cracked lips.

Plus, honey is a natural humectant that draws water from the air and retains it in your skin. It also has antioxidants and enzymes that can repair damaged skin and reduce inflammation.

3. Make a Beeswax Or Shea Butter Mixture Lip Balm

Melt coconut oil with beeswax or shea butter and pour it into a small container. This will give you a thicker and more lasting product that you can apply throughout the day.

Beeswax also has vitamin A, which can promote cell regeneration and improve skin elasticity. Shea butter also has vitamins A, E, and F, which can nourish, soften, and heal your lips.

4. Mix a Coconut Oil Lip Scrub

You can make a natural lip scrub by mixing coconut oil with sugar and gently rubbing it on your lips. This will exfoliate, smoothen, and nourish your lips. It is pretty useful for removing dead skin cells and improving blood circulation to your lips, making them look plumper and healthier.

Sugar is a natural abrasive that can gently scrub away impurities and reveal fresh skin underneath. Coconut oil can moisturize and soothe your lips after the scrubbing process.

Precautions To Consider

  • Use only virgin cold compressed coconut oil. This type of oil is pure and free from any toxins or additives.
  • If you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, be careful not to spread the oil outside of your lips. Coconut oil can be comedogenic or irritating for some people.
  • When you’re going out in the sun, apply a lip balm with SPF over the coconut oil. Coconut oil offers only mild sun protection, and your lips need more defense against UV rays.
  • In case you’re allergic to coconut oil, avoid using it on your lips. Signs of irritation or discomfort may indicate an allergic reaction. Stop using the oil and consult a doctor if necessary.
  • Coconut oil can be a great lip care solution as long as you use it wisely and safely. Enjoy the benefits of this tropical treasure and keep your lips soft and healthy.

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