Does Castor Oil Make Your Lips Bigger?

Wondering Does Castor Oil Make Your Lips Bigger? Read on to bust the myth and discover its benefits in lip care!

Castor oil has gained popularity in beauty and health circles with a plethora of benefits. The surge of this liquid gold has left people wondering—Does castor oil make your lips bigger? This article uncovers the truth behind castor oil’s effects on the lips.

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What is Castor Oil?

Castor oil is a semi-transparent yellow liquid extracted from the Ricinus communis plant through cold-pressing. Known for its therapeutic properties, it contains ricinoleic acid, a natural humectant that treats various skin problems such as acne, wounds, itchiness, and dermatosis.

Does Castor Oil Make Your Lips Bigger?

The idea of castor oil for lips as a natural solution to fuller lips is appealing. Castor oil is indeed an effective hydrating and nourishing agent, adding a fuller look to the face. However, there’s no scientific evidence supporting the claim that castor oil makes your lips bigger.

If you’re keen on enhancing your lips, the only two proven ways are:

  • Makeup: A temporary solution.
  • Surgery: A permanent solution to increase lip size.

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Benefits of Using Castor Oil on Lips

While castor oil may not plump lips, there are many Benefits of Castor Oil for Lips:

  • Repairs Damage: Castor oil is rich in omega fatty acids, which help hydrate and repair the lip skin. These fatty acids create a protective barrier against harsh environmental conditions and chemical-filled cosmetics that can lead to chapping and injury.
  • Moisturizes Dry Lips: Being an effective humectant, castor oil helps in retaining moisture. It keeps the lips moisturized, fresh, and limber, reducing the chances of dryness and cracking.
  • Prevents Lines and Wrinkles: With deep penetration into the skin, castor oil nourishes it to the core, thereby preventing lines and wrinkles. Regular use can lead to smoother, younger-looking lips.
  • Anti-bacterial Properties: Castor oil has anti-bacterial qualities that can help prevent infections in small cuts or cracks on the lips, ensuring healthy and clean lips.
  • Enhances Lip Color: Regular use of castor oil can lead to a natural enhancement in your lip color. By increasing blood flow to the lips, it helps in giving them a more vibrant and rosier appearance.
  • Protects from Sun Damage: Rich in Vitamin E, castor oil offers a protective barrier against harmful UV rays, keeping your lips protected and hydrated even in sunny weather.
  • Soothes Irritated Lips: If your lips are feeling irritated or inflamed, castor oil’s natural healing properties can provide soothing relief.
  • Eco-Friendly Alternative: If you are conscious of using eco-friendly products, choosing a lip care product with castor oil can be a sustainable choice. Castor oil is a renewable resource and biodegradable.

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DIY Lip Balm Recipe

Prepare your own lip balm with our recipe. It is cost-effective, easy to prepare, and an excellent natural moisturizer.

You Will Need:

  • Coconut Oil
  • Castor Oil
  • Grated Beeswax
  • Vitamin E Oil
  • Spoon
  • SaucePan


  1. Take a small saucepan and add one tablespoon each of castor oil and coconut oil with half a tablespoon of grated beeswax.
  2. Heat on low flame until well-melted.
  3. Stir in a half tablespoon of vitamin E.
  4. Cool down the mixture and transfer it to a lip balm tube.

Your DIY Balm Recipe is ready to use. Here are some more for you to try! 

Precautions To Consider

Using Castor Oil and Lips care does require some precautions:

  • Use cold-pressed, hexane-free, and organic castor oil from a trusted brand.
  • Since the oil can occasionally be allergic to some skin types, a patch test before use on lips is recommended.

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Final Thoughts

So, Does Castor Oil Make Your Lips Bigger? No, castor oil doesn’t change the size of your lips. Enlargement is possible only through makeup or surgery. However, it can be a wonderful remedy for treating chapped and dry lips. You can also make your own DIY castor oil lip balms to reap its benefits.

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