Castor Oil for Cellulite

Did you know? Eight out of ten women suffer from cellulite. Learn why Castor Oil for Cellulite is the best natural remedy to treat and prevent cellulite.

Did you know? Eight out of ten women suffer from cellulite. If cellulite is rarely painful, it is nonetheless a major complex for anyone who experiences it. That’s why everybody is looking for a magical cure to get rid of it once and for all.

This so called “orange peel syndrome” is clearly identified by irregularities on the skin that often look like disgraceful dimpling on top of your epidermis. How can we prevent cellulite and how do we fight against it once it’s there? Castor oil will certainly help you out, but you will also need to follow some essential rules in order to get rid of it!

In this article:

  • What is cellulite
  • How to fight cellulite: the basics
  • Castor oil for cellulite

What is cellulite?


Cellulite appears on very targeted areas: higher part of your arms, back of your thighs, on your butt or on the abdomen. The skin surface appears bumpy and irregular.


Before trying to find a “cure” to cellulite, it is more than necessary to understand where this widely spread phenomenon comes from.

Whether you suffer from soft cellulite (undulating appearance and soft to the touch), hard cellulite (tight and grainy / dimpled like orange peel) or edematous cellulite (pasty and sometimes painful to the touch) you must understand that there is a common origin.

  • Hypertrophy & accumulation of fat cells in the hypodermis.
  • Degradation of blood and lymph circulation caused by the accumulation of fat (poor drainage).
  • Water retention.

castor oil for cellulite causesThose small physiological problems can be tied down to the same root:

  • Hormones: essential role in fat storage.
  • Genes: heredity plays an important role.
  • Unbalanced diet: too much salt, too much sugar, too much saturated fat, not enough fiber.
  • Lack of exercise: Insufficient stimulation of blood circulation in some areas.
  • Smoking: reduced oxygenation of the skin.
  • Stress: promotes water retention and therefore cellulite.

For more information on cellulite, make sure to check out this great article.

How to treat cellulite: the basics

You probably understand by now that in order to anticipate or even to fight cellulite you are going to need to work on some of your daily habits. Castor oil will help you as long as you integrate it in a global anti-cellulite program. Here are the essentials to work on in order to build a strong basis for the treatment of your cellulite:

  • More sports: swimming, biking or walking (or whatever you fancy that will keep the blood flowing). Swimming is highly recommended as it is one of the most “complete” sport.
  • A better diet: eat a well-balanced diet (not too much salt or too much sugar).
  • No more cigarettes: it’s hard enough to get rid of cellulite. Make yourself a favor and quit smoking!

sport and castor oil for cellulite

Castor oil for cellulite

Why it works

If you have already read my article on castor oil packs, you already know that castor oil is extremely beneficial for blood circulation and the lymphatic system. By stimulating both blood and lymphatic circulation, castor oil helps in eliminating toxins and other kinds of waste on the cellular level. As a consequence, castor oil should greatly help you in your fight against cellulite.

Castor oil massage for cellulite

Let’s combine castor oil with a famous anti-cellulite technique:  the palpate and roll massage technique.

The massage itself is already highly beneficial for your skin and the reduction of cellulite. Indeed, it is a recognized physical therapy technique that helps eliminate cellulite by dislodging the small fat deposits. If you decide to make it a combo by using castor oil and its draining properties, you will have the perfect weapon to fight cellulite.

castor oil for cellulite reduction

How to do a castor oil massage for cellulite

  • Get your favorite castor oil (if you don’t have one, you can choose one here).
  • Pour a little oil in your hands.
  • Rub your hands together to create some heat and improve the oil texture.
  • Effleurage (stroking movement) to relax the skin and your muscles.
  • Start the palpate and roll massage: it is fairly easy to execute. Simply pinch your skin with your thumb and index in order to form a roll under your hand and roll your skin gently.

castor oil massage for cellulite

  • For best results, the massaging session should last for about 30 minutes.
  • As a complementary treatment you could also use castor oil packs directly on the affected area.

Castor oil for cellulite: Final thoughts

As for any other castor oil uses, the most important words to keep in mind are: patience and commitment. Although it will take some time before seeing any visual results, you should already feel the difference from the first session: if you are applying this technique to your legs, they should feel much lighter and rested. And if you combine it with the anti-cellulite plan mentioned earlier in this article, the effects will be exponential. Whatever you do, keep faith and know that those techniques are very efficient when done on a regular basis. Keep at it and if you feel tired, ask your other half to help you out!

Good luck and see you soon.

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