Castor Oil for Your Hair

Castor oil for your hair is the ideal way to take care of your hair, eyelashes, & eyebrows

As surprising as it may seem, castor oil has properties that rapidly accelerates hair growth (naturally!) The majority of users who apply castor oil to their hair see the results of using castor oil within the first couple of weeks.  Users will see that their hair significantly grows faster, longer, and thicker. Moreover, not only does hair growth practically double in length after multiple applications, castor oil deeply nourishes both the hair and hair follicles, right down to the scalp! The hashtag #longhairdontcare just got a whole new meaning, all thanks to castor oil for your hair.

How castor oil acts on your hair, lashes, & brows

Apparently, science has not yet succeeded in pinpointing out what exactly in castor oil creates such a positive effect on our hair {lashes, scalp, brows}. Whatever it may be, those who have tried castor oil for this purpose remarks observing a significant difference in the health of their hair within just 2-3 weeks of applying castor oil.  Though it’s not guaranteed, Marianne and I’s studies of castor oil shows a consistent trend of how the vitamin E prevalent in castor oil is what contributes to such positive affects of castor oil on our hair. It makes sense because vitamin E favors the cutaneous microcirculation (blood circulation of the smallest blood vessels affecting the skin). Castor oil thus brings extra nutrients and nourishment to skin {scalp, hair follicles, nails, etc..}

castor oil for your hair

Therefore, in a localized area such as the hair bulb, castor oil directly helps to strengthen the hair from the root which enables faster hair growth and even influences the decrease in hair loss. And if you massage castor oil into your hair it can bring your hair an even deeper level of nourishment and replenishment.

More generally speaking, castor oil will deeply nourish your scalp.  In doing so, you will see that your scalp + hair will have a much healthier touch and texture.  If you are prone to dandruff, castor oil can provide the relief you are looking for.  If you hair is dull or otherwise “lifeless” (we all have those days..) then castor oil would be the perfect solution to bringing your hair back to life.

Fun tip: Take photos of your hair before/after using castor oil for a couple of weeks and see the difference it made for you. If you do this, please do let me know the difference you see and feel with your hair! 🙂

Castor oil is routinely used in Africa and in the Caribbean to smooth and soften thick or frizzy hair.  In these regions castor oil’s cousin, black Jamaican castor oil, is the most used because it particularly acts on thick/frizzy hair. Learn more about black Jamaican castor oil here.

Before continuing, let’s not forget that castor oil is also used for your eyelashes & eyebrows.  Applying castor oil on these areas is safe and efficient.  Your eyelashes will thank you for it! Before my castor oil days, I used to get many styes on my eyelids. Once, one got so infected that I had to go get it surgically removed. For months after I had a red scar, and my lashes that once grew there were now thin, curled, and always falling out.  Now I use castor oil regularly, and no one can even tell I used to have problems.  I even wear less mascara (or not at all) now because my lashes are longer and thicker and it’s all thanks to castor oil.  I’m confident castor oil can positively affect you, too!

 How to proceed ?

To simplify the application of castor oil (because applied alone it’s like thick honey), I would recommend to first dilute castor oil with another oil.  In this case, my preference goes to either aloe vera or coconut oil.  Both are more fluid/liquid-y so they make the perfect combination with castor oil which is very viscid. They also have complimentary affects and benefits (cell regeneration, synthesis of collagen and elastin), making these two substances the ideal allies to reinforce and strengthen your hair, lashes, and brows.


castor oil for your hair
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To create the right texture for my hair (which was long and brittle but now is short and thicker), I mix half and half (half castor oil, half other). You can either apply it directly on your scalp or on the body of your hair.  Personally, I start with my scalp and massage (working down) before putting it all up in a bun and covering with a hot towel. Of course, you can adapt your application method depending on your personal preference.  I do recommend however, putting a hot/humid towel over your hair like I normally do (you can also heat the oil mix in the microwave).  Once warmed/heated, castor oil has even more nourishing properties and works deeper to rejuvenate and replenish damaged hair, right down to the follicle!

2 hours with the oil mixture on suffices greatly, however, don’t hesitate to let it soak in overnight.  In any case, just make sure to adequately shampoo/wash your hair and rinse thoroughly.  With it’s viscous texture, castor oil can be difficult to remove.  It is totally normal to have to shampoo 2-3 times before all the oil residue is washed off.

The frequency of applying castor oil to your hair will depend on you. But nevertheless, I would suggest starting with a minimum of 3 times per week, especially if you are looking for faster results within the first few weeks of utilization.  In addition, I would not recommend using castor oil for more than it’s intended purpose.  Castor oil is meant to replenish/nourish/boost your hair naturally, so there isn’t any need to insist by overusing it.  Once you are satisfied with the results, decrease the frequency in which you apply castor oil to your hair. You can always adjust as need be.

 Castor Oil for Your Hair: Marianna’s guide to applying castor oil + coconut oil 

Here is a great 2 minute video explaining how to mix and apply castor oil with coconut oil.  Marianna offers a great summary of what we just covered in the body of this article. Check it out!

Before you go must knows

Before you head out, know that even before using castor oil, taking great care of your hair can be achieved simply by brushing. Crazy, right!? Brushing is often overlooked as a way to care for one’s hair, but don’t be the one to make that mistake! Learn about all the simple benefits of brushing your hair, how to maintain your hair’s health & happiness, and which brush is right for you and your hair. See my selection of the best hair brushes

Castor oil is definitely not gender specific

Is your man / brother / partner a hipster ? If he is strutting his stuff with that scruff, then engage him in conversation about the wonderful powers of castor oil.  Men need to take care of their beard too, ladies, so share the love for castor oil.  Beards, mustaches, goatees, etc., also require daily maintenance and need rejuvenating and replenishing.  If you’re the lucky woman or man of a man with a beard, then you know just how important it is to make sure that beard is soft, supple, and kept lookin’ good. Read more about castor oil for beards…

castor oil for your hair


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