Can Castor Oil Remove Stretch Marks ?

Can castor oil remove stretch marks? Get your skin’s beauty back the natural way with the warm and therapeutic properties of castor oil. Read on to learn more.

Who has stretch marks? Often you’ll see stretch marks lining the waistline of mothers who’ve given birth to another life, or on teen boys and girls who grew up too fast. Whether it is on your belly or on your thighs, it’s pretty difficult to manage those long-lasting marks. Long-lasting you say? Fortunately for us, a combination of different natural treatments can greatly help reduce stretch marks over time. But can castor oil remove stretch marks? In this article, we will answer this question and reduce stretch marks easily.

Oils are a girl’s best friend

Stretch marks are not only a physical consequence of a brutal stretch, but they also come from hormonal factors. It is then very difficult (if not impossible) to prevent them! It is, however, possible afterward, to give more elasticity to our skin in order to “fix” those “love marks” left by your (not so) little baby during your pregnancy.

castor oil for stretch marks pregnant

Using oils against stretch marks is very efficient: essential fatty acids nourish the skin and provide it with better flexibility and elasticity.

First off, it is possible to ingest some of those oils in order to reach a positive effect on your skin (fish oil for example). For best results, one can complement this method with oil rubbing directly on the skin.  Now you may be wondering which oil to choose?

The choice is almost infinite as most of them will bring something good to your skin. It is even possible to combine them to increase their positive effects on your skin. To help you out, we selected a few oils for their special attributes that make them ideal in order to fight stretch marks. We also have a few tips that can help you pick a good oil.

choose castor oil for stretch marks

The very first (basic) criteria when choosing an oil for stretch marks is to pick a vegetable oil.  Unlike healthy, natural vegetable oils, mineral oils (Paraffinum Liquidum, Petrolatum, Cera Microcristallinaare) are derived from petrol! Those oils are present everywhere in cosmetics and they are particularly unfit and unhealthy to help you naturally nourish your delicate skin.

What are castor oil benefits for stretch marks?

Castor oil is a popular natural remedy when it comes to treating and nourishing the skin. It has various essential acids that can cure your skin.

So can castor oil remove stretch marks?

Our criteria for choosing the best oil to remove stretch marks is based on smell and efficiency. We’re all different with diverse body needs, so we highly recommend you to try and find what’s best your skin and its needs. The final choice is yours!

Our selection of 5 oils that we think should be used for stretch marks:

  • Castor oil!!
  • Sweet almond oil
  • Musk Rose oil
  • Olive oil
  • Avocado oil

How to use castor oil on stretch marks?

  1. Place a few drops of castor oil in the palm of your hand and start a circular massage of the targeted area. The goal for this first step is to make the oil penetrate into the skin, stimulate blood flow and to give you a sensation of well being. The massage should last for about 15 minutes.

  2. The second step of the process lasts for 30 minutes in which you have to heat the targeted area. You can use a heating pad or a simple warm bottle of water. Be careful not to burn yourself.

  3. Leaving it for a while gives it time to penetrate the skin and to let it absorb all the goodness of castor oil. It is important to be patient here: stretch marks are located at the deep dermis layer. The oil has several layers to cross before reaching its target, thereby it takes time.

The efficiency of this treatment takes some time but you will notice positive effects as early as 2 weeks after starting the application. You will then need to keep on going for at least 2 months in order to reach significant results. If at times you feel a bit discouraged, try to focus your attention on the relaxing effect of the massage. It creates a positive atmosphere that will greatly benefit your well being and your mood.

Combine castor oil with other natural treatments

Using castor oil for stretch marks is a great start but if you truly want to step up your game, plenty of other efficient solutions are available for you! You can choose one of them and alternate your castor oil treatment with one of those.

  • Rub a slice of potato on your skin
  • Apply some lemon juice
  • Apply some beaten egg whites on your skin (let it dry, rinse, and hydrate with castor oil)
  • Put some alfalfa spread on your skin 2-3 times a day

Finally, you may have encountered some products branded specifically “against stretch marks”. First off, you will notice that they are way more expensive than any of the natural solutions that I presented. If you take the time to read the composition of those branded products, you will see that they are, at best, made of the mineral oils that I mentioned earlier (which also makes them more expensive for what they are). They are made with unnatural chemical agents (which in that case is just not right for your skin). I don’t know about you, but I feel like the choice is easy.

castor oil for stretch marks

Can Castor oil reduce stretch marks ?: Final thoughts

If this article only focuses on oils and more specifically castor oil, it’s because rather than creams or lotions, they do not contain water, which makes it easier for them to penetrate the skin. We believe that castor oil for stretch marks is one of the best natural remedies out there to help you target this visible affection.

It does require time and commitment but it’s worth the effort. Stay strong and keep up the fight! And please feel free to share your story with the castor oil community by leaving a comment here. I am always happy to reply and share your feedback.

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