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Castor Oil for scars improves skin’s appearance and helps reduce the appearance of scars as well as prevent scars from forming.

Skin is our largest and most exposed organ, inevitably leads to more injuries and scars. Using castor oil for scars can improve skin’s appearance and reduce visible scarring, as well as prevent scars from forming in the first place.

Scars can form for a number of reasons. Commonly, scars result from injury, burns, or surgery. Stretchmarks are also scars caused by the tightening of skin due to growth, weight gain, or pregnancy. Scars can be unsightly, but using castor oil for scars can help you feel beautiful in your skin again!

Types of Scars


Scarring is not just determined by the size and location of the wound.  One must also consider age, sex, ethnicity, and genes. Some people scar easier than others, but scarring is part of the natural healing process after an injury or trauma has occurred.

There are several types of scars:

  • Keloid scars
  • Contracture scars
  • Hypertrophic scars
  • Acne scars

Keloid scars are benign growths that form when the body creates excessive scar tissue during healing. Keloid scars are most common in people with dark skin. These scars extend past the boundary of the original injury.

Contracture scars tighten skin and can extend deeper into the skin, which can affect muscles and nerves. Contracture scars commonly form following a burn.

Hypertrophic scars are similar to keloid scars. Hypertrophic scars appear as raised, red skin, but unlike keloid scars, they do not extend beyond the boundary of the original injury.

Severe acne can leave behind scarred skin long after the acne has cleared up. These scars can appear as deep pits in the skin, or can appear more angular, and are commonly located on the face and back.

Treatment and Prevention of Scars

Standard treatments for scars include over-the-counter creams, surgical removal, and injections. You can try to prevent scar formation by applying creams during the healing process. Cosmetic surgery is an option for scar treatment, but is not typically covered by insurance unless the scar causes impairment or debilitation.

Fortunately, castor oil is a cost-effective treatment that can painlessly reduce the appearance of certain scars, and prevent them before they start! Only a little bit of castor oil is needed for each application due to the viscosity of the oil, so one bottle will last much longer than OTC creams or gels.

Castor Oil for Scars

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We already know that castor oil has an excellent reputation for skincare. It promotes production of collagen and elastin, but the majority of its benefits are largely due to the fact that 90% of its fatty acid content comes from ricinoleic acid. This rare but powerful compound is responsible for:

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Hydrating and moisturizing skin
  • Relieving pain
  • Lessening the appearance of wrinkles
  • Treating bacterial and fungal infections

These same omega-3 fatty acids are what help treat and reduce scars. Castor oil can soften and smooth the fibrous material that makes up the scar. The fatty acid content in castor oil draws out dirt, dead cells, and bacteria, stimulates the lymphatic system, boosts blood circulation, and promotes the growth of healthy tissue. All while hydrating and moisturizing the skin.

castor oil for hands

Applying Castor Oil for Scars recommends cleaning the affected area with warm water and soap, steaming to open up the pores, and massaging a few drops of castor oil into the affected area for 2 minutes. Repeat daily. As always, less is more with castor oil! Leave the oil on as long as possible after massaging into the skin. Especially when treating stretch mark scars, consider leaving the oil on overnight so the oil can penetrate deep into the skin.

You can also apply castor oil and wrap the area with a small cloth. Then apply heat for 20 minutes. Repeat up to twice daily, and discontinue use immediately if the area becomes red or inflamed.


It may take a couple of months for a noticeable change in the appearance of your scar to occur, but keep at it. Castor oil will not eliminate scars, but will reduce their appearance and help correct skin discoloration. First, the scar will lighten, and then it will begin to fade.

Castor oil for scars is a safe treatment alternative to invasive surgery or injections, and is an all-natural option. It is an extremely versatile oil that can be used in a wide variety of ways. Scar reduction is just one of the many beautifying aspects of this oil!

For prevention, start applying castor oil as directed above immediately upon wound healing, but take care to not apply castor oil to open wounds. Starting treatment while the scar is still fresh is the best way to prevent it from becoming larger and more noticeable. Applying castor oil daily during pregnancy can also help prevent stretchmarks.

Castor Oil for Scars Success Story

Samantha on successfully faded a burn scar on her calf with the use of castor oil. She provides before and after photos that show the progress from May 2008 to March 2011. It took quite a bit of time, but you can see the results for yourself-her determination paid off!

To achieve the results she did, Samantha applied a castor oil pack to her scar overnight almost daily, though she did take breaks from the treatment to allow her skin to rest.

The first noticeable change occurred when she started to see light spots appearing on the scar. First, they were very small, and then they gradually grew larger and expanded. Soon, Samantha had patches of healed skin within her scar.

She also noticed hair growth. At first it was minimal, but eventually resembled the hair on the rest of her leg. This signified that her cells were regenerating.

Because change can be slow going, Samantha recommends taking a “before” photo to chart progress when using castor oil for scars. All of the small differences that occurred over the treatment period of three years added up to a big difference!

Try castor oil for scars for a safe, all-natural treatment today!

Dr Helen Smith
Dr. Helen Smith provides food and nutrition consultation and treatment for obese as well as health-conscious patients. She holds B.S in psychology and completed her M.S in nutrition sciences from California State University. She has over five years of experience in advising and helping patients with the right nutrition and diet. Her mission is to make nutrition information accessible to everyone and help people follow a healthy lifestyle.

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  1. Hi I have a little scar on my mustache, It was a cut and i never got it stitched up. is it possible for this to grow the hair back in the little area?

    • Hi Jay! Thanks for writing. Scars are tricky because they represent dead skin tissue which makes it very difficult to grow back hair. You can apply castor oil to soften the scar, and also use it to thicken the hair around it. Hopefully the end result will be a less visible scar and a fuller beard to cover it up 🙂 Hope this helps!! Apply and massage castor oil every day (I leave on mine overnight) for best results.

  2. I am a male aged 71 years.
    I had undergone a by pass surgery for my heart on 8th Feb. 2018. All is fine and the surgery scar from just below the collar bones down the sternum some 10 inches long has also healed.
    Can I apply pure cold pressed castor oil to prevent any untoward puckering up or hyper pigmentation!? I am not a keloid prone person though.
    I’d be grateful if you would help me in deciding the use of castor oil or some other oil like coconut oil.

    • Hi there, thanks very much for stopping by and for your question! I am happy to hear the surgery went well. Castor oil can be pretty efficient for scars when used long-term, but essential oils are also very powerful. I would suggest you mix castor oil with an essential oil treatment (see here for my guide on essential oils). Frankincense is good for skin and for healing scar tissue, and so are lemon and tea tree oil (just from top of the head, I’m sure there are others). I hope this helps get you started. Best of luck and thanks again!

  3. I am ndaambe, and i have burn on my face when i applied a treatment cream now i am 3 years with dark scars on… can i use castor oil ?

    • Hi Ndaambe, I’m sorry to hear you had a negative experience with this cream. But to answer your question, yes castor oil can help lighten your scars, dark circles, and balance out pigmentation. I would recommend combining castor oil face mask applications and alternating with organic vitamin c serum. Best of luck and thanks for reaching out!


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