Castor Oil Price | How Much Should It Cost?

What can you expect your first bottle of castor oil to cost? Find out more about the expected Castor Oil Price in our guide to making a smart purchase decision.

When you first start to research a new purchase, you may become overwhelmed by all of the options. You can always find cheap versions of a cosmetic item as well as the higher-end luxury versions that cost substantially more. What can you really expect from the castor oil price?

Avoid getting ripped off by manufacturers who are peddling “high-quality” castor oil that won’t match your expectations. Take a few of these tips so you know what to anticipate when it comes to the castor oil price.

In this article:

  • Average castor oil price
  • How to measure the oil price?
  • Factors that increase the price

Average Castor Oil Price

The average price of the oil varies depending on where you purchase it. A wide variety of stores and shops sell castor oil, so it makes sense that some will price this liquid differently. With a product as wide-reaching as castor oil, you’re likely to find it at major retailers like Target, drug stores, and pharmacies, and online.

Castor Oil Price | Castor Oil Guide

My typical recommendation is to order your castor oil online for the best price.

That being said, determining an average cost for castor oil is nearly impossible. Not only does the cost vary by the store, but it also changes based on the quality of the castor oil itself. A few of these key tips can ensure that you’re paying a fair price wherever you go.

How to Measure the Oil Price?

The best way to ensure that you’re getting a good quality oil price is to look at the cost per ounce. This gives you a more accurate way to see the real cost of the oil contained in the bottle. In general, we recommend to look for products with a price tag under 1 dollar per ounce. Some companies will not hesitate to overcharge you (5 to 10 times the normal price!!).

When you consider it this way, you may find that you’re paying a high price for a small castor oil bottle.

Factors that Increase the Price

There are a few attributes you should expect to raise the oil price. Much like going to the supermarket, you’ll pay more for organic options that are better for your body and health. Personally, I prefer to pay more for organic versions like dehydrated castor oil which has a high price and is better for sensitive areas like around my eyes and my face.

Castor Oil Price | Castor Oil Guide

However, you will also pay more for some of these features:

  • Cold-pressed Castor Oil: While it may be more beneficial for you to purchase cold-pressed castor oil, it will be more expensive. The chemicals used in the heat process alter the properties of the oil and detract from its natural benefits. That’s why the cold-pressed is expensive.
  • Hexane-free: Castor oil can naturally contain some hexanes, which are “isometric volatile liquid alkalines” similar to those found in petroleum. Essentially, that means that the castor oil contains some elements that are very similar to gasoline – something you likely want to avoid!
  • USDA Organic: Anyone can claim that their castor oil is organic, but how do you know? It needs the official USDA seal to ensure that the process is legitimate.

Final Thoughts

Make sure you aren’t paying too much for your beloved castor oil, whether it’s your first bottle of your fiftieth. These guidelines can help you to find the best castor oil price without getting ripped off.

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