Castor Oil Hair Mask Recipe | Get Your Dream Hair

Use this simple Castor Oil Hair Mask recipe and 5-step application method to nourish, fortify, and liven your hair. Don’t wait, get your dream hair today!

I often hear expressions like, “You are what you eat” or “Healthy body = healthy hair.” I must say, these phrases definitely ring true. I do my best to eat as healthy as possible because I know the incredible benefits it can have on our bodies, both inside and out. But even if I eat healthily or drink lots of water, sometimes I feel like my hair needs a little extra care and nurturing. That’s why every now and then I love to nourish my hair with a castor oil hair mask ! 

Using a castor oil hair mask is my way of giving my hair that extra ‘oomph’ of health and volume. I love it when I can get up in the morning knowing that I don’t have to do much to my hair because it’s feeling (and looking!) natural and healthy.

In this article, I’ll be discussing:

  • Hair and Health
  • Get Your Dream Hair
  • Protect Your Hair Year-round
  • My Recipe for a Castor Oil Hair Mask
  • Easy 5-Step Application + Final Thoughts 🙂

castor oil hair mask | castor oil guide

Hair & Health = Two Peas in a Pod

Indeed, our general health has a major impact on the health of our hair. The consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle will reflect in the health of hair, whether it makes hair greasy, dry, brittle, dull, flat, or makes it just completely fall out. People who have a stressful lifestyle, for example, will often notice an increase in hair loss. It’s quite a vicious cycle because losing one’s hair causes even more stress, resulting in hair loss.

If ever you’re wondering why your hair is lifeless or unhealthy, ask yourself if you’re leading a healthy lifestyle! It may seem silly, but your hair’s health is a helpful indicator that you may need to eat healthier, quit smoking, exercise more or get some extra

Get Your Dream Hair

With the exception of those temporary moments in life where we wish we could change our hair completely, we generally wish that our hair could just be less fussy and just work with us instead of fighting us. Our expectations are rather small: we want stronger, healthier hair that is manageable and lovely to touch.

Well, this is definitely possible with natural castor oil.castor oil hair mask | castor oil guide

Our hair is the victim of big haircare brands that care little about the health of our hair, packing unnecessary chemicals and whatnot into our shampoos to make them more aesthetically pleasing. Over-washing and over-drying our hair causes further damage, so we buy more hair conditioners to help fight the breakage, you see the vicious cycle?

But with natural products, and with regular use of castor oil we can finally achieve our dream hair, that is if your dream hair is stronger, smoother, shinier, and healthier!)

My dream hair is all of those plus more volume and length, but that’s just my personal taste! I know ladies (and men) with short hair who also wish for stronger, healthier hair so the length is not the most important. And using a castor oil mask for hair growth can do wonders for your hair.

Protect Your Hair Year-round

Our hair gets the most exposure to weather conditions and the struggles of our daily lives. Actually, we may not realize just how much we put our hair through! Since we’re on the topic of healthy hair, I wanted to mention how important it is to protect and nourish our hair during summer or wintertime.


I love summertime because my hair becomes brighter and wavier, but it can get dry or brittle at the ends. In the wintertime, I used to over-work my poor hair. It often becomes dull or flat, and even if I wash it in the morning it seems greasy by night. It was like that for a long time, until I started using castor oil in my care routine.

The cold made my hair flat and greasy, and the heat from the sun’s hot, lovely rays left my hair damaged and dry. What is a girl supposed to do?! Finally, with the use of a castor oil hair mask, I was able to balance the right amount of nourishment my hair needs year-round.

So what are you waiting for? Enjoy castor oil hair mask benefits.

My Recipe for a Castor Oil Hair Mask DIY

Time to make a castor oil hair mask!

What You’ll Need:

Simple ingredients, right? 🙂

So in order to prepare hair growth mask with castor oil simply:

Mix all together and after you will have a natural little hair potion! Now how do you apply it?


Easy 5-Step Application

1. Wet your hair before applying the castor oil hair mask. This will help spread equally the viscous mixture over your scalp and hair.

2. Apply your homemade castor oil hair mask, starting where hair needs it most (I start from my tips up to roots, massaging along the way).

3. Tie up your hair in a bun and let the hair mask work its magic. Leave on for ideally 1 hour (minimum 20 minutes)

4. Shower and rinse well, using your favorite (preferably natural) shampoo.

5. Repeat once a week or every two weeks, depending on your needs. 🙂

Extra tips (optional): 

  • Heat up the mixture in the microwave until warm to facilitate application
  • Use a small or large-toothed comb to spread mixture through hair 

You may need to do an extra shampooing after rinsing since castor oil is indeed viscous in nature.

Once applied and after tying up your hair, you have the option to envelope your hair in a shower cap or warm towel.

Though these are optional tips, generally speaking, heated castor oil is more effective.

To add a nice scent, you can add 1 drop of lavender oil, Ylang-Ylang, almond, mint, etc., to the mix.

castor oil hair mask | castor oil guide

Castor Oil Hair Mask: Final Thoughts

The diverse properties in castor oil make it one of the best natural products for your hair! That’s why this simple yet efficient castor oil hair mask deserves its place in your weekly care routine.

Remember, a healthy you = healthy hair, so keep up the good work and treat yourself to a juicy fruit smoothie)

Try this easy hair mask recipe and see the benefits for yourself. I hope you enjoyed this article. Do continue to send me your questions or comments!

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DIY Castor Oil Hair Mask Recipe | Castor Oil Guide

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