Castor Oil for Belly Button: Benefits and Uses

There are benefits of massaging your belly with castor oil. It is soothing and nourishing for your body. Read on to learn how to use castor oil for the belly button.

Massaging your belly button with castor oil provides ample of health benefits. It is an ancient and gentle remedy, effective in treating digestion and other stomach ailments (1). Keep reading this article to know everything about using castor oil for the belly button.

Today we will cover:

Functions of Belly Button

functions of belly button

Though it has no biological purpose, our belly button is the center point of the body. It is connected with veins and plays a significant role in the medical procedures related to the stomach. According to Ayurveda belly button is the origin of life and continues to be a point of balance during adult life (2).

Is Castor Oil Good for Belly Button?

Castor oil is a promising oil to apply on the belly and provides numerous benefits. It possesses anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-oxidant properties, which calms the body and provides comfort (3).

Benefits of Castor Oil on Belly

Applying castor oil on belly offers the following benefits:

Removes Dirt and Kills Germs

The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of castor oil help in cleaning the belly and killing the germs present in it. This helps in keeping the stomach healthy.

Prevents Skin Infections

The anti-bacterial action of castor oil protects the abdomen from bacterias or germs, which can cause various skin infections including itching, boils, or cellulitis (4).

Treats Stomach Problem

According to studies when we apply oil on the belly button, it gets absorbed and transferred in the stomach (5). This is helpful in treating common stomach problems like poor digestion, abdomen upset, or constipation. However, more studies are required to support this benefit.

How To Use Castor Oil on Belly Button?

how to use castor oil on belly button

Here is how you can do navel therapy (massaging belly button with oil) at home.

You will need:

  • Castor Oil
  • Small Bowl
  • Cotton Ball


  1. Take a bowl and pour one-third cup of castor oil in it.
  2. Heat the oil on a low flame, make sure not to overheat it.
  3. Now soak a cotton ball in mild warm castor oil and gently apply it on your belly.
  4. Let it rest there for 15 minutes.
  5. Continue doing this practice atleast five times a week for better results.

Precautions To Consider

Below are some precautions you should consider before using castor oil on the belly.

  • Make sure the oil is not too hot, as it can burn your skin.
  • Always use cold-pressed, organic, and hexane-free castor oil from a trusted brand.
  • Avoid navel therapy if your skin is allergic to castor oil.

Final Thoughts

Coming to the conclusion, using castor oil for the belly is a powerful ancient health remedy. Its therapeutic nature calms the body and treats common health ailments. Do use it in your beauty routine and let us know your experience in the comments.

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