Can Castor Oil Cure Baldness

Baldness is a widely spread phenomenon among men. Up to 70% of them are affected (to some extent) at one point in their life. This problem also concerns women but  they do have a significant genetic advantage making this situation less frequent for them. Be that as it may, this phenomenon is usually difficult to handle because it plays with our identity, it transforms us and the way we perceive ourselves. In this article I will try to answer this famous question: “Can castor oil cure baldness?” I will also give you some explanations and tips about this condition.

In this article:

  • A simple explanation on hair loss
  • Solutions to baldness
  • Can Castor oil Cure baldness?
  • Be bald be bold! 

Where does baldness come from?

For men

Baldness is a masculine phenomenon that occurs between 20 and 40 years old. It is characterized by an abnormal hair loss. The hair loss is superior to 100 hair/day and provokes balding patterns on the forehead, on the temples or on top of your head. There are various causes to baldness and some factors play a major role in the acceleration of hair loss:

  • Male hormone excess: the hair cycle is faster (this is the main cause for baldness and it is genetic)
  • Stress: depending on your situation; stress can make hair loss much worse
  • Unbalanced diet: a lack in some essential vitamins can be detrimental to your hair health
  • Aggressive shampoo
  • Some drugs/medicines

For women

Baldness is less frequent for women but it does happen anyway. However, it does not appear in the same way: it’s more of a diffuse hair loss. This simply means that one will rarely notice a complete baldness. The origin are also various and are in some ways similar.

  • Menopause: the decrease in feminine hormones provokes a weakening of the hair
  • Stress: depending on your situation; stress can make hair loss much worse
  • Unbalanced diet: a lack in some essential vitamins can be detrimental to your hair health
  • Aggressive shampoo
  • Some drugs/medicines


First things first. If you believe you suffer from abnormal hair loss, make sure to go see your doctor and ask her/him to help you identify the root of the problem. S/he will be able to tell you what to do. Depending on the result, s/he will give you a suitable treatment.

A very common treatment that might be given to you are dietary supplements. Indeed, your hair is extremely demanding in sulfur-containing amino acids and vitamins (B5,B6 and PP).

can castor oil cure baldness

Minoxidil is another common treatment that you will need to apply twice a day in the baldness area. Results may vary with 1/3 success (regrowth), partial success (stops hair loss), failure (no effect). Some people may also suffer from side effects: redness, itchiness, greasy hair.

For both solutions, patience is key as results will only be visible after a few months. New solutions are still being studied and seem to be promising, I strongly advise you to keep an eye open and especially for prostaglandin analogues, with bimatoprost in particular that works on hair growth.

Surgery may also be a solution but it takes time and is not necessarily efficient. Fortunately, new techniques are being studied and are very promising. Very recently, scientists tested a new technique against baldness: the scientists showed that enzyme-blocking drugs known as JAK inhibitors can cause significant regrowth of hair when applied to the skin. This gives a good hope for the near future even if some research is required before having it available in your local pharmacy.

What to do in the meantime? Are there natural solutions? Can castor oil cure baldness?  

Castor oil and baldness: a precious ally

Castor oil is famous for its action on hair growth. This oil, extracted from the castor seed is formidable to accelerate hair growth. However, it does require that the hair is still present. In the case of baldness, the hair disappears and that is a real problem. Although castor oil stimulates growth, it cannot recreate lost hair…  The only way castor oil can help you is by anticipating the actual hair loss. If any member in your ancestry was bald, your chances of becoming bald yourself increase significantly.

Do not wait! By applying castor oil from the root of your hair to the tip, you can significantly nourish and protect your hair. Applying it is very easy and I suggest you check out my article for that matter. The oil will strengthen your hair as it will increase the micro circulation at the bulb level which will consequently reinforce your hair so you can keep them healthy longer. Not to mention that castor oil is a powerful anti bacterial and anti fungus agent which will clear your hair of any unwanted friends.

Be bald, be bold: Adopt a new look

If you are a man and you are scared sh*tless of becoming bald, just know that it’s not the end. In fact, it might just be a new beginning for you: time to adopt a new style at the very top of badassery.

For the bald and the bold, here is my ultimate recommendation: shave your head and grow a beard (or some facial hair of some sorts 🙂 This is without a doubt an audacious style that you can wear proudly: it will restore your self confidence as it will increase your awesomeness! My recommendation when your hair starts to fall out: just shave it and adopt a new bold look. Why? Because baldness is something that you can’t control! It happens to you and you can’t undo it. On the other hand if you decide to fully embrace who you are, you can make a conscious decision and regain control of your own style.

Are you ready for the next step? Take a leap of faith and do it! Here is a video to help you out cutting down the forest on top of the mountain.

So can castor oil cure baldness ?

In a nutshell, though castor oil cannot magically cure baldness with a few applications (because of other factors mentioned above), it can greatly reduce the rapidity of hair loss and can significantly help hair to maintain it’s growth and strength!

Good luck!

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