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Though you’ve just landed on the site for castor oil, I can’t help but branch out a little and discuss something a bit more traditional that takes more care of your hair than one would think! Yes, I am talking about brushing your hair.  Indeed, castor oil is a superb natural hair care product, but in this article, “best hair brushes”, I will focus on how to take care of your hair simply and naturally by brushing.

Choosing the best hair brush for your hair type can make a huge difference in your hair’s natural health and shine.

In this article you will hair brushes | best hair brush

  • Why it’s important to brush your hair
  • How to properly brush your hair
  • Review of the 5 best hair brushes & combs

Why it’s important to brush your hair

Brushing is a major contributor to your hair’s natural health. The reasons are simple:

  • Brushing helps to equally spread your hair’s natural sebum (oils) over the entirety of your hair, thus naturally hydrating and nourishing your hair from root to tip.
  • Brushing stimulates micro-circulation of blood flow, resulting in a healthier scalp and faster hair growth
  • Brushing aids in unclogging hair follicles and removing hair of impurities, allowing the natural process of sebum production and distribution to function properly which results in healthier, shinier hair
  • Brushing brings life and volume back to your hair and prevents harmful/painful tangles and knots

If you adopt brushing your hair into your daily routine, you will surely find additional positive results.  Don’t hesitate to share your experiences/thoughts in the comment section below. 🙂 Generally speaking, brushing is a simple yet essential method for naturally taking care of your hair.

best hairbrushes | best hair brush

How to properly brush your hair

Prepare your scalp:

  • (Optional) Wash your hair with shampoo to prepare your scalp and clean it of excess oil or dirt.  Use hair conditioner and rinse with cold water to have shinier hair.  Let hair dry by enveloping them in a dry, clean towel.
    • Side note: Most ladies I know dry their hair with a hair dryer because it’s convenient and quick. However, be careful! Using the hair dryer (heat) damages your hair and scalp. Whenever I need a quicker dry, I either use the “cool” option on the hair dryer, or I go out in the sun. 🙂
  • If your hair doesn’t need washing, skip to this step.  Use a large hair comb to gently untangle any knots in your hair.  Start at the tips of your hair and gently work your way up  to the roots.
  • Always resist the temptation to brush your hair while it’s still wet or damp.  Brushing wet hair damages and weakens hair.  Always try to let your hair dry naturally before trying to comb through your tangles, etc. In doing so, you give your hair it’s best chance to be healthy.

Brush your hair:

  • With the help of a wide-tooth comb, separate your hair into three sections.  This will simplify the work while adding volume to your hair.
  • No need to have three hands 😉 let two sections fall to the side of your face and the third section behind your head.  If you have shorter hair you can help keep these sections in place with the help of some bobby pins or small clips.
  • Choose the best hair brush for your hair type and start with one of the side sections.  Now that your hair is dry and untangled, you are ready to brush your hair “normally” (from root to tips) so that the brush evenly distributes your oils (I would recommend a boar bristle brush for this, see below).  Once that section is finished, continue with the others in the same manner.
    • Tip: Personally, I like when my hair has a little extra “oomph” (volume), so to give my hair that extra volume I follow these steps except I do it with my head upside down. 😛

best hair brushes | best hair brush

Review of the 5 best hair brushes

See here for my top selection of the 5 best hair brushes and combs that are ideal for simply and naturally taking care of your hair.  Before we begin, please know that this article is not sponsored.  My review of these brushes/combs is based on experience and research and thus all opinions are my own.

Best Combs for Detangling Hair

 Kent – The Handmade Comb – 188 mm

This IS the comb you have been looking for.  It’s quality is backed my hundreds of 5 star reviews from best hair brushescustomers who prefer the Kent brand over others.  Some even attest that this comb matches the quality of any Mason Pearson comb.  I personally choose this comb because it is handmade with quality and care, unlike many cheap plastic combs available.  The Kent also offers the best of both worlds: extra large coarse and fine toothed options, depending on your style and needs.  Quality that is guaranteed to last years. For thin, short, long, curly or frizzy hair, if you are looking for “the one and only” that brings shine and precision to your hair, then perhaps a Kent comb is just what you need.

e-GROO – Handmade Green Sandalwood Combbest hair brushes

This handmade little beauty is for all you curly heads and bearded folk!  I love wooden combs as they are the best against fighting static and frizz.  Generally speaking, wooden combs come soft ‘n supple-like which brings shine to your hair without damaging or ripping hair out.  Simply put, this quality-made Sandalwood comb will bring health and shine to both scalp and hair.  Ideal for long or curly hair, but it also acts as a beard comb.

Best Hair Brushes 

There are 2 boar bristle brushes that I recommend here below as the 2 are similar yet have their own unique style and features (one pure boar bristle, other with boar bristles + nylon pins). Plus one ceramic/ionic brush ideal for styling and smoothing thick/frizzy hair.

Since each person has different wants/needs I tried to select the best brush from different categories. I hope you enjoy my top selection!

Beauty by Earth – Boar Bristle + Nylon Pin – Bamboo Brush 

Using a boar bristle hair brush is very well known or bringing a healthy shine to your best hair brusheshair.  The boar bristles act to spread your hair’s natural sebum from root to tips.  It is ideal for thin to normal hair, but works on thicker/longer hair due to the combination of boar bristles and nylon pins.  I love this brush because it brings you dual benefits: the boar bristles for a healthy scalp and hair, and added nylon pins to help detangle your hair while stimulating your scalp for increased bloodflow and hair growth.  Quality-guaranteed, Beauty by Earth is eco-friendly, ensuring responsible production and quality of their brushes.

Pure Boar Bristle Hair Brush Set

I include this brush because best hair brushesit features pure 100% boar bristles (no added nylon pins, etc).  It also acts as a brush “set” including a wide-toothed, pocket-size wooden comb.  Not to mention it includes a stylish little bag to store them in.  The two combine to make a perfect men or women’s hair brush set! Both are quality-made and have very positive reviews.  In addition, if ever you are unsatisfied, the manufacturer has a 365-day money back guarantee.  Try it and see for yourself!  Natural, healthy hair has never been so attainable. 😉

Thermal Ceramic & Ionic Round Barrel Hair Brush, 2 inchbest hair brushes

Last but not least, is this ceramic/ionic 2-inch round barrel hair brush!  This hair brush may not be natural bamboo or handmade, but it works wonders for thick, frizzy, or curly hair.  This smooth ceramic hair brush will brush through thick/curly hair with ease.  It is ideal for those wanting to style their hair with a little heat (not too much though, remember!?) the ionic feature will hold in the heat longer, meanwhile protecting the hair from getting overheated and damaged.  It also reduces the amount of flyaways and static due to it’s sleek barrel.

Take care of your new hair brush!

Finally, once you have your new hair brush it is also very important to keep in mind that your hair brush will need regular maintaining!  After each use, it is wise to remove the hair from the hair brush either with your fingers or with the help of a comb.  Removing hair regularly will prevent hair build-up overtime which decreases the benefits of the hair brush and will leave you frustrated as you spend an hour trying to remove all that clogged hair from the bristles (it happens to me more than it should!!)best hair brushes

Every now and then you should also give your hair brush a quick wash with soap and water.  However, the cleaning method may vary depending on which brush you buy.  Just be mindful to read the cleaning instructions first (most are located in the description section of the product’s detail page on Amazon).

Final thoughts: Best Hair Brushes

Thank you for reading! I hope you were able to benefit from this article, “best hair brushes”, either by learning some new brushing techniques or by finding your the best hair brush that suits your style! Your thoughts and comments are very welcome! 🙂

Which brush was your favorite??

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