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Essential Oils Infused Bath Recipe | Castor Oil Guide

Essential Oils Infused Bath Recipe

At the end of an extremely long day, is there anything better than settling into a hot bath? Next time ...
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Best Vitamin C Serum | Castor Oil Guide

Best Vitamin C Serum for Glowing Skin

Beauty fanatics are always searching for the next hot item that will improve the beauty and quality of their skin ...
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DIY Pre Shave Oil | Castor Oil Guide

DIY Pre-Shave Oil for Men and Women

Shaving is an inevitable part of life, whether you’re a man or a woman. This simple grooming habit can lead ...
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Homemade Castor Oil Foot Soak | Castoroil Guide

Homemade Castor Oil Foot Soak

If you’re like most people, you probably spend the majority of the day on your feet. The muscles in your ...
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Castor Oil and Honey | Castor Oil Guide

Castor Oil and Honey | Hair Mask Recipe

Many people are initially drawn to honey for its sweet taste and antioxidant properties. Once they fall in love with ...
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Castor Oil and Vitamin E Recipes | Castor Oil Guide

Castor Oil and Vitamin E Recipes

If you spend any time researching natural health products, you’re bound to come across the overlap of castor oil and ...
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Castor Oil for Rosacea | Castor Oil Guide

Castor Oil for Rosacea

Rosacea can be an uncomfortable condition, subjecting its sufferers to embarrassingly obvious symptoms. The primary signs can vary from simple ...
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DIY Castor Oil Body Lotion for Winter | Castor Oil Guide

DIY Castor Oil Body Lotion for Winter

Winter has a way of drying out sensitive skin, leaving you feeling self-conscious and uncomfortable. What if you could find ...
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castor oil vs jamaican black castor oil

Jamaican Black Castor Oil VS Castor Oil: Which is Better for You?

Natural health enthusiasts are always looking for the next big craze. With the surge in popularity of home remedies using ...
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Heritage Castor Oil Review | Castor Oil Guide

Heritage Castor Oil Review: Don’t Let the Package Speak for the Product

If there's one thing that bums me out when it comes to products I use in my beauty routine, it's ...
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castor oil for hair growth before and after

Castor Oil Hair Growth Before and After: A Reader’s Testimony

Several months ago I had the chance to meet and talk to one of my regular readers. We met entirely ...
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Castor Oil for Hemorrhoids

Castor Oil for Hemorrhoids | A Gentle, Natural Remedy

Produced from castor seeds, castor oil is known for its many benefits since antiquity. Its richness in fatty acids, including ...
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castor oil for your pet | castor oil guide

Castor Oil for Your Pet: Is It Safe and Effective to Use?

Today's guest post from Summer is all about castor oil for pets. I hope you enjoy the article! Please share ...
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Castor Oil for Babies | DIY Baby Balm

Castor Oil for Babies | DIY Castor Oil Baby Balm

If you’ve ever had children, you probably already know the headache of trying to find safe and natural products to ...
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featured image sky organics

Sky Organics Castor Oil Review: Authentic or a Sly Substitute?

There is nothing more beautiful than being natural. This includes using products whose purpose is to make us feel more ...
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Castor Oil and Baking Soda | Castor Oil Guide

Castor Oil and Baking Soda | Treat Skin Naturally

Hola everyone! So we have already mentioned the benefits of castor oil combined with other ingredients such as hemp oil ...
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Foxbrim Castor Oil Reviews |

Foxbrim Castor Oil Reviews | Why It’s My #1 Choice

¡Hola amigos! For quite a while now, my favorite brand of organic castor oil has been Foxbrim. There are many ...
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Castor Oil for Dry Hair - Castor Oil Guide

Castor Oil for Dry Hair: Get These Fun, Hydrating Recipes!

Castor oil is a little miracle worker. I've probably said that before, and I'll say it again! Whether for your ...
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Can Castor Oil Go Bad? Castor Oil Guide - Brittany

Can Castor Oil Go Bad ? Castor Oil’s Shelf Life

Can castor oil go bad? Actually, I've never had to consider whether castor oil could go bad or not because ...
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castor oil substitute | Castor Oil Guide

Castor Oil Substitute: 10 Best Natural Products to Replace Castor Oil

You all know how much I'm a fan of castor oil, right? Though I love castor oil, some people prefer ...
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castor oil and shea butter

Castor Oil and Shea Butter | Perfect Combo For Split Ends & Dry Skin

Castor oil pairs so well with so many different creams, oils and wholesome products to become an even more powerful ...
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castor oil hair mask

Castor Oil Hair Mask | Get Your Dream Hair

I often hear expressions like, "You are what you eat" or "Healthy body = healthy hair." I must say, these ...
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castor oil for scalp

Castor Oil for Scalp Health | Nourish Hair at the Roots

The health of our scalps often gets overlooked. It always surprises me how much hair brands focus on the health ...
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Castor oil for weight loss | Castor Oil Guide

Castor Oil for Weight Loss ?

We've already discovered the many virtues that castor oil has on our hair, skin, nails, etc., but I am often ...
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Castor oil and garlic | Castor Oil Guide

Castor Oil and Garlic | The Powerful Duo

If I say, "let me tell you about an awesome DIY hair mask", you're most likely going to think of ...
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castor oil and psoriasis

Castor Oil and Psoriasis – Treating Psoriasis with Natural, Nontoxic Castor Oil

Psoriasis is characterized by itchy, painful skin plaques. It can be uncomfortable, disfiguring, and embarrassing--although most flare-ups are relatively harmless, ...
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How To Use Castor Oil Scrub for Better Skin

How To Use Castor Oil Scrub for Better Skin

Castor oil is great for skin and DIY castor oil scrubs make excellent, natural skin treatments that are spa quality ...
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castor oil for frizzy hair header

Using Castor Oil for Frizzy Hair

It is no secret that castor oil is helpful in the treatment of so many different hair conditions. Frizzy hair ...
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Castor oil for eczema

Castor Oil for Eczema

Castor oil has a number of beneficial properties that make it an ideal product to fight the itchiness and redness ...
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What is Hydrogenated Castor Oil ?

Pure castor oil can provide a number of benefits for our health and wellness. But hydrogenated castor oil is a ...
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castor oil and olive oil header

Castor Oil and Olive Oil | My Guide

You may be more familiar with olive oil as a delicious, heart-healthy food rather than an all-purpose, full body health ...
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castor oil for scars header

Castor Oil for Scars | Improve & Prevent with Castor Oil

Skin is our largest and most exposed organ, inevitably leads to more injuries and scars. Using castor oil for scars ...
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castor oil and almond oil header

Castor Oil and Almond Oil – Which Is Better for You?

Today we will be comparing castor oil and almond oil. There are many different oils on the market today, and ...
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castor oil for men featured image

Castor Oil for Men | Thicken Hair, Beard and More!

Castor oil is far from being a health and beauty product reserved for women--castor oil for men is multi-functional, treating ...
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castor oil for hands header

Castor Oil for Hands | DIY Recipes for Softer Hands

Castor oil is a natural and nontoxic oil that promotes healthy skin and nails. Use castor oil for hands as ...
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castor oil for dark circles

The Benefits of Using Castor Oil for Dark Circles

Castor oil has been used for centuries in many capacities, from growing more luscious hair to treating joint pain as ...
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castor oil for feet header

Castor Oil for Feet

Castor oil has been known for centuries for its many virtues. Used in places all over the globe since the ...
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Castor Oil for Chapped Lips

Although a very small part of our body, lips play an essential role in our life and in our well being ...
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Should I Use Castor Oil as a Laxative?

When it comes down to health problems, I'm all about finding natural solutions to make me feel better. However, I ...
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Organic Castor Oil: Why Choose Organic Cosmetics?

Choosing organic cosmetics does not necessarily come as a reflex for the busy shopper. However, the demand for organic cosmetics ...
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Castor Oil and Avocado Oil Combo

It has been a little while since I have not compared castor oil to any other vegetable oil (or in ...
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Castor Oil for Stretch Marks

Who has stretch marks? Often you'll see stretch marks lining the waistline of mothers who've given birth to another life, ...
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castor oil and black seed oil

Castor Oil and Black Seed Oil Benefits

In this new series of articles where other oils compete with castor oil, I am proud to present to you ...
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castor oil for baldness header

Can Castor Oil Cure Baldness

Baldness is a widely spread phenomenon among men. Up to 70% of them are affected (to some extent) at one ...
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homemade castor oil shampoo and conditioner header

Homemade Castor Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

You probably already know the magical benefits of castor oil for your hair. Castor oil rejuvenates them, it improves microcirculation ...
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castor-oil-for-wrinkles header

Castor Oil for Wrinkles

Well, well, what do we have here? A wrinkle? Is that the very first one or just another line complementing ...
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Is castor oil dangerous header

Is Castor Oil Dangerous for You?

Is castor oil dangerous? Truth is that there is a good number of folks out there wondering about the dangers ...
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castor oil for mustache header

Castor Oil for Mustache: Grow a Handlebar!

Yes Sir! You heard me well. I did say handlebar mustache. This mustache that will bring you an old school sophistication ...
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5 Jamaican Black Castor Oil uses l Treat your Hair

What is Jamaican black castor oil? Have you ever heard of castor oil? This oil obtained by pressing the castor seeds ...
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castor oil for cellulite header

Castor Oil for Cellulite

Did you know? Eight out of ten women suffer from cellulite. If cellulite is rarely painful, it is nonetheless a major complex ...
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